All the info on how to get around in Vilnius on foot, by bike and by public transport.

In the city it is possible to wander on foot, by bike or, alternatively, with the convenient public transport that serve the city.


The city has a beautiful historic center, perfectly preserved, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Getting around in Vilnius on foot is the best way to slowly discover every corner of this beautiful city.


The two-wheeler is suitable for short / medium-haul journeys and to start exploring the center and surrounding areas. You can drive to the Verkiai Regional Park and the Green Lakes area. In this case, this is one of the few actual cycle paths that goes beyond the capital.

Getting around in Vilnius by bike can be convenient, fun, and cheap enough. In the city you will find several rental agencies that also offer electric pedal assisted vehicles.

Velotakas Bike & Tours is one of the best. It offers bike rentals starting from 8.00 € for 4 hours. You can choose between city bikes or mountain bikes. From two people, cycling tours with prices starting from 18.00 € per person for an itinerary of around 180 'are available. Qualified and trained staff. Recommended.
Naturally, there are no alternatives.


Getting around in Vilnius

In Vilnius there are around 90 regular bus lines and trolleybus 20s. The former are identified on the blue colored maps, while the latter are red.

Typically, the daytime running lines are running, from Monday to Sunday, from 05: 30 in the morning to 22: 30. The frequency varies according to the line, and to the day. Keep in mind that sometimes you may have to wait for 50 minutes and more between a bus and another.

After the 22, up to the 05 in the morning, night service is guaranteed. Circulating 6 lines: 88N, 101N, 102N, 103N, 104N, 105N with frequencies ranging from 30 to 60 '.

Express lines can also be used. Buses, in this case, follow certain routes by making a limited number of stops. They are identified by the letter G and a progressive number from 1 to 6.


There are two purchase options for getting around in Vilnius by public transport.
You can buy the convenient Vilniečio kortelė Card or expensive paper tickets.

Vilniečio kortelė it is a credit card that allows you to travel on the public transport system at special rates. It costs 1.50 € for all ages, and can be purchased at kiosks, Maxima supermarkets, PayPost branches.

Here are the main types, and prices applied per adult:

  • Ticket from 30 minutes:  € 0.65.
  • Ticket from 60 minutes:  € 0.90.
  • Ticket 24 hours:  € 5.00.
  • Ticket 72 hours:  € 8.00.
  • 240 hours ticket (10 days):  € 15.00.
  • 30 day subscription:  € 29.00.

The tickets and season tickets loaded on the Vilniečio kortelė permit also the combined use of several vehicles for the indicated time. For example, with the ticket from 30 minutes, you can use multiple bus lines, as long as the journey ends within 30 minutes of the first validation.

Il paper ticket, instead, you buy directly on board the vehicle, in cash from the driver. Costa 1.00 € per adult and is valid for one trip, on one vehicle only. If you change lines, you will have to buy another ticket in this case.

For children and pensioners, there is a reduction on all 50% travel tickets.

Always remember to validate your ticket as soon as you get on the vehicle. The checks are rather frequent.