All practical info to get to Vilnius, Lithuanian capital, by car, train, plane


Know. Live. To love.

Who has set foot in Vilnius knows, too well, that a trip to the Lithuanian capital remains in your heart. And the memory is so beautiful, that you immediately want to come back.

For those who have never set foot there, only one tip: book the first plane to Lithuania; a destination, moreover, really cheap.

A really beautiful, hospitable city, with many places of interest. The historic center, sumptuous and fascinating, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Right here, many styles and architectures coexist, from baroque to art nouveau, up to the classic.
And then there are the churches. So many. So many, and beautiful. Sparse at every corner
Not one, but many souls.

This is also a university city. Entertainment and nightlife are not lacking. The inhabitants are friendly, and really hospitable. In addition, there are so many green spaces, ideal for relaxing or, perhaps, having a glance on the city.




Consider the distances with Western Europe, from the latter the best method to get to Lithuania is the plane.
Fast and cheap, the plane is the recommended solution.
The international airport is only 6 kilometers from the center, from which it is well connected by public transport. It is one of the points of reference in the connections with the Baltic countries.

From the airport, you can get to the center by train. A ticket costs just € 0.70! Alternatively, outside there are plenty of taxis that, for 10.00 €, take you to the city.
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The central train station is located south of the city, not far from the historic center.
The rather modern building is equipped with all essential services.
The only international connections are limited to Russia (including Moscow and St. Petersburg) and Belarus (Minsk). In the first case, travel times are quite long.
More than to get to Vilnius, the train is a solution to move around the country. For Kaunas, it takes less than 2 hours to arrive. Almost double, however, to reach Klaipéda.


Arriving by car is recommended, above all, for those coming from neighboring Belorussia, Estonia and Latvia.
From the Polish Warsaw, you have to travel about 440 kilometers.
From Kiev, distances start to become problematic: over 700 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital. From Prague, they are over 1000 kilometers.
The road network is quite good. Maximum attention is recommended, especially when traveling by car in winter.