Info, prices and type of Vignette Slovakia, the mandatory toll

For drive in Slovakia, and circulating on certain road and motorway sections, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate stamp, or Vignette Slovakia. This is a special pre-paid mark, mandatory for all vehicles up to 3,5 tons of weight. This mark must also be purchased for just crossing a short road section.

In total, over 620 are the kilometers of road where the purchase of the sign is mandatory: the D1, D2, D3 and D4 motorways, and numerous sections along the R1, R2, R4 and R6

The Vignette Slovakia, is available in three different denominations, variable according to the duration from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of one year. in the case of a trailer, a second vignette must be purchased, of the same type and price.

La Vignette is sometimes referred to as E-Vignette, as it is an electronic stamp. Unlike the Swiss vignette, you will not have to paste absolutely anything on your windshield. The license plate of your car will be registered at the time of the transaction and you will receive a special receipt.


Vignette Slovakia

The Vignette Slovakia is available in three different cuts for vehicles up to 3,5 tons. As mentioned, if you were to travel with a trailer, it is mandatory to purchase a second Vignette. Motorcycles are all exempted from payment. Here, below, prices and type:

  • 10-DŇOVÁ 2018. Valid for 10 days from first use. Costa 10.00 €.
  • 10-DŇOVÁ 2018. Valid for 30 days from first use and costs 15.00 €.
  • ROČNÁ 2018. Annual mark valid until 31 January of the year following the purchase. Costa 50.00 €.


You can buy the Slovak Vignette in the following points of sale:

  • Online, on the official eznamka website.
  • Near the border with Slovakia, in all customs offices and motorway service stations;
  • the post offices of Slovakia;
  • the licensed petrol stations and garages;
  • the cantonal traffic offices.