Practical information, prices, type and where to buy the Bulgarian Vignette, Vinekti

For drive to Bulgaria, and circulating on certain highway road sections, it is necessary to purchase the special mark called Vinekti. Introduced in the 2015, it is mandatory for all owners and all users to drive vehicles on the roads. The Bulgarian Vignette must also be purchased for just crossing a short road section, and is only valid for the vehicle for which registration is made.

The Bulgarian Vignette is available in different denominations, varying according to the duration, the vehicle category and even the type of EURO standard of the vehicle. Each stamp is identified by a specific color.

Keep in mind, however, that on certain stretches there is a payment of a special PASSAGE FEE. This payment is required for crossing the Danube Bridges Giurgiu-Rousse e Vidin-Calafat.

Bulgarian Vignette


The Bulgarian Vignette is available in four different sizes, for the 3 CATEGORY vehicles. It is about veicoli passeggeri, progettati per il trasporto di un massimo di otto persone, compreso il conducente; tutti i veicoli stradali destinati al trasporto di merci e / o i veicoli stradali destinati al trasporto di passeggeri e di merci, con un rimorchio non superiore a 3,5 tonnellate. 

  • Weekly. Valid for 7 days from first use. Costa 15 LEVER (8 €).
  • Monthly. Valid for 30 days from first use and costs 30 LEVER (15 €).
  • Quarterly. Valid for 90 days from first use; costs 54 LEVER.
  • Annual. Valid for one year from the date of purchase. Costa 97 LEVER.

For other vehicle categories, increased prices apply. Always remember to keep the payment receipt. Motorcycles are exempted from paying the mark.


You can buy the Bulgarian Vignette in the following stores:

  • at the border and at the motorway service areas.
  • in the big cities, at the counters of the DZB banks authorized to collect money.