Getting around Vienna

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Getting around Vienna by metro, train, bus, tram, bike, flaker. Info, times

Getting around Vienna is really simple and intuitive. You will be spoiled for choice between the train, metro, tram, bus, bike and the ever present carriages. In addition, thanks to the integrated tariff system operated by Wiener Lienen, you can use the same ticket on any means of transport.



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Metro (U-Bahn Wien) is the ideal way to get around Vienna. Inaugurated in the 1978, it is developed for almost 80 km, for a total of 5 lines and 104 stations. Efficient and reliable, the U-Bahn connects the center and the periphery in a capillary way. Each line is identified, on the maps, by a different color and a progressive number that follows the letter U. Here is the detail:

  • U1: Reumannplatz - Leopoldau
  • U2: Seestadt - Karlsplatz
  • U3: Ottakring - Simmering
  • U4: Hütteldorf - Heiligenstadt
  • U6: Siebenhirten - Floridsdorf

For the 2018-2024 period, work is planned for the U5 line.

The metro is active every day, from Monday to Friday, from 05: 00 around midnight, with frequency from 06: 00 to 20: 00 between 3 and 5 minutes.

On Saturdays and Sundays, all lines are active 24 hours on 24. During the night, trains travel with frequencies of 15 minutes. On all the docks, during the day, you will find electronic scoreboards with information regarding waiting times and destination.


The Vienna S-Bahn is a suburban railway system that serves the Austrian capital and the whole of its region. It consists of several railway lines and is operated by the Austrian OBB. Among these, we point out the S7 line that allows you to move from the airport to the center. Service from Floridsdorf and Vienna Airport.


The Viennese tram network is the real highlight of the city. It is a historic transport service, active since the nineteenth century. With its 29 lines, it is one of the most extensive networks in the world, with a total of 176 km in length, and over 1000 stops!

The tram is a great way to get around Vienna and get around town. Better yet, you have transportation passes: you can get on and off as many times as you want, and perhaps stop in a place that may have hit you on the way.

In the city, so many different models circulate. In addition to the classic ones, you will find many trams ULF (Ultra Low Flow) e Low Floor. These are low floor or practically "ground" means which eliminate barriers and can be used by people with reduced mobility.

Il Vienna Ring Tram, is a purely tourist tram, which circulates along the Ringstrasse. The rather high price (9,00 €) does not, in our opinion, deserves special attention! Anyone wishing to use it, please note that the ticket, valid for the whole day, is valid only on this vehicle. Much better than the "classic" lines 1 and 2 to have a good glance on the same area.

Trams circulate every day, including holidays, from 05: 00 in the morning until midnight.


The road network has nothing to envy to that on iron. Besides 100 daytime lines, they guarantee connections between the center and the suburbs. The buses are quite modern, efficient and above all punctual. There are also buses specially designed to move quickly in the I District and move between the narrow alleys of the center.

Buses run from 5 in the morning to midnight. They are identified by a progressive number from 1 to 100, followed by the letter A or B

The night bus service is active every day. Twenty-two lines, operating every day from Monday to Sunday, after midnight and up to 05: 00 in the morning. The frequency is 30 minutes. If you want to have fun and go around the city, even during the week, night buses are for you.


The means par excellence of the Austrians. With the bike it is possible to turn and move around Vienna in quiet, using an eco-friendly vehicle. There are many places in the city where you can hire a bicycle. Citybike Wien, offers, in this sense, an excellent service at extremely competitive rates.

Just register on the official site, to take advantage of this fantastic service. You can take and leave a bike in one of the 120 parking points in the city. You will only pay 1,00 € per hour (the first hour is free!). For all the info and regulations, you can see the official website.


Move to Vienna

The classic that never sets. These are the carriages drawn by white horses; driving, the coachman with the classic rounded hat. You will find several, concentrated in the historic center and in places of greatest interest. Turning flaker, however, costs a lot!


La Vienna City Card it is the "all-inclusive" solution that is more advantageous and popular among tourists. Available in denominations from 24, 48 or 72 hours, it allows unlimited movements with all the vehicles of the Wiener Lienen, for the established time. One child up to 15 years, travels free with the adult in possession of a valid City Card.

There are also similar solutions, which vary by public and offer. The Queer CityPass, for example, offers the same features, but is suitable for those wishing to gain experience in the LGBT: the discounts offered, in fact, are for local and attractions related to the topic. It could be useful, for example, during the Vienna Pride!

If you intend to move around Vienna sporadically, you can buy tickets valid for one single travel, at the cost of 2.40 €. Tickets are valid on all trams, buses and public transport lines in Vienna. Each validated ticket is valid FOR ONE DIRECTION, until reaching the destination, including any change of line (even several times).

The day ticket 1 Wien tag, is valid from the time of validation up to 01: 00 at night, and costs 5.80 €. It should not be confused with the ticket from 24 hours. To travel on all means of the network, there are also tickets valid for 24, 48 and 72 hours. Allow unlimited access for the chosen time. The Ticket from 24h, allows you to travel for 24 hours from the first validation, and costs 8.00 € per person.
Ticket 48 hours for the whole network: 14.10 €.
Ticket 72 hours for the whole network: 17.10 €.

The weekly ticket could be very convenient (Wochenkarte), which allows you to travel from midnight on Monday to the 21: 00 on the following Monday. It should be stressed, however, that if you should have it, for example, on Thursday, it will always be valid by the following Monday. Costa 17.10 €

You can buy tickets in the classic points of sale, such as stations, info-points, airports, shops. Alternatively, you can also use the App on the official website.

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