California is the American dream, all once in a lifetime, they will have dreamed of making a leap, to drive a convertible with hair in the wind and a pair of Way Farer in the eyes; while you are on Sunset Boulevard.

A stupendous and full of sorcerer state, to be enjoyed by car, along the Pacific Ocean, along the 1 Highway; one of the most celebrated streets in the world.

Kanoa will take you to the main urban centers; (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego) that have always been a source of great interest for millions of tourists.

Absolutely not to be missed: the picturesque coastal villages, moreover in these parts there is Santa Ynez, very famous for wine.

Kanoa has organized for you, this tour of California, where you will touch the famous and less known places; our goal is to let you enter the California sun in your heart, even before you've gone!

Our staff has compiled a travel program, which we are sure you will appreciate; the fact remains that this program can be completely modified according to your needs.

The tour includes:

4 Nights in San Francisco

3 Nights in Los Angeles

3 Nights in Las Vegas

3 Nights in San Diego

Our Tour California, as you have seen, provides the departure from San Francisco, then continue to Los Angeles, a stage in the Nevada desert in Las Vegas, finally we have included a stop in the beautiful San Diego.

California must be turned in the car; so it is important to have well organized the rental before departure for the States.

San Francisco Airport is very well connected to both Europe and the major cities of the United States; you could also stop in New York or Canada, many flights are often found at affordable prices.

San Francisco

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as the United States, has so much to offer, 4 nights can suffice, in the "City By the Bay".

Kanoa advises not to lose the symbolic places, like; Golden Gate Bridge (photo above) can be traveled on foot or by bike to Sausalito (picturesque town); the Coit Tower, Fisherman Wharf, Pier 39, Lombard Street, Alcatraz (the famous Al Capone prison); Russian Hill is the commercial heart of the city, Union Square, without forgetting a ride on Powell Street with a typical Cable Car.

One of the points of observation not to be missed is undoubtedly the hill of Twin Peaks.

The continuation of the tour of California, plans to reach Los Angeles by car from San Francisco, along the route, which on average lasts 6 hours, much depends on traffic.

Taking the world famous Highway 1, your journey will be perhaps more tiring but for sure, the beauty and the charm of the places you will see, will pass in the foreground.

Moreover, this famous road will take you to San Diego.

Kanoa advises to stop in the small town of Santa Ynez to rest for a few hours and taste the excellent local wine, one of the best in the world.

Also before arriving in Los Angeles, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape, which gives the Californian coast; as you approach the city of angels, you will pass the beautiful town of Santa Barbara (photo below); in which we advise you to stop, at least for a "Selfie and Go".

Los Angeles

Los Angeles (city of angels) is a huge and boundless California city; the whole urban area; including the famous Orange County counts just over 11 Millions of inhabitants, in the States it is second only to the Big Apple (NYC).

Downtown with the Finanziaria area it is faithful to most of the American cities, with skyscrapers and huge buildings, but most of the daily life is experienced along the coast and the surrounding towns.

Very famous in the world, Los Angeles owes its success to the presence of the most important film studios in America, including: Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros.

Also Actors of the Star System, reside on the hills of Hollywood; Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, this has made Los Angeles a favorite destination for many travelers in the world who come here looking for Star, even there are tours in the hills of Los Angeles that will take you to where the Hollywood stars live.

Los Angeles is also very popular for the climate; with long summers and never too hot, with mild winters, which make it perfect for all seasons.

Do not miss: Film Studios (at least one must be visited), a fast drive to Downtown, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills; Hill of Hollywood where there is the famous inscription of the homonymous hill.

Along the coast, we recommend to visit: Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Venice Beach with outdoor gyms and turrets reminiscent of the Telefilm Baywatch, Long Beach and Orange County.

Panoramic Points: Go to the Griffith Observatori, you will enjoy the Skyline of this huge, very exciting city.

Info: open every day from 12 to 22, free admission.

Los Angeles is not a beautiful city, the main charm according to us; it is in the fact that it is the residence of world-famous Cinematographic actors, besides the small urban centers along the coast are very welcoming.

Now is the time to continue the California Tour; we will take a little detour, to immerse ourselves in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is waiting for us!

With your car the journey takes just under 4 hours; you will have to take the 210 road from Los Angeles and take the Interstate 15 that will take you directly to Las Vegas.

This route is very fascinating, as in the middle of the desert, suddenly opens before you A boundless expanse of lights that, heralds the arrival in Vegas!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world; the incredible offer of shows and entertainment for all ages, attracts millions of people in any month of the year.

A few hours drive from Los Angeles and California in general, it is the favorite destination for those looking for "a night to remember".

Do not miss:

A ride on the Las Vegas Strip, stop at the Casino of the most beautiful hotels, among which we mention; Wynn Encore, The Venetian, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio.

Along the Strip you can take curious photos with street artists who will do anything to get your attention.

Between a game at the Casino and a night at the disco, you will be spoiled for choice, what to do or see; The offer of musical and theatrical performances, among the most beautiful theaters, is also very interesting: the MGM Grand and the Caesars Palace.

If you are looking for crazy nights on the disc, Las Vegas is the place for you, we mark the best Pool Party (pool parties), held every weekend at; Encore Beach Club (Wynn Encore), Tao Beach (The Venetian), UltraPool (MGM), Rehab (Hard Rock Casino), Daylight (Mandalay Bay).

discos: Encore and Surrender (Wynn), Tao Club (The Venetian), Hakkasan (MGM), Omnia (Caesars Palace), Marquee (Las Vegas).

A day is also dedicated entirely to the Grand Canyon, one of the most incredible natural beauties in the world.

From Las Vegas every day organized tours depart with the Bus, they will pick you up at a scheduled time at your hotel, visit the different Rim of the Canyon, in the evening they will take you back to the hotel.

Prices start at 100 $.

Do not miss the famous Skywalk, a transparent suspended platform that overlooks the Grand Canyon; allows a nice walk with an incredible view (cost not included in the classic tour).

After this very fun stage; it's time to continue the California Tour and move on to the "Young San Diego".

In this case the car hours will be almost 5, again for the Interstate 15; you will pass through villages such as San Bernardino and Escondido.

San Diego

San Diego is beautiful, cheerful, fun..young!

Populated for the most part by young people, it houses the University and Campus number, a few kilometers from the Mexican border; San Diego preserves American principles and history with a very strong Latin influence.

Also here as for the other stages of the Tour California, the car is a must.

Moreover a strong point of this destination is the climate, perfectly summery; that makes it attractive every month of the year.

In addition to the beautiful and characteristic walks on foot or by bike to the Promenade or Pier of San Diego; Kanoa recommends to visit:

La Jolla (with suggestive cliffs), Old Town (do not miss the classic Victorian style houses); Balboa Park (with lots of attractions), Torrey Pines (nature reserve), Coronado Bridge, Sea World (one of the funniest attractions); Little Italy, Gaslamp Quarter (historical center full of artists).

San Diego is a city full of beauties, the locals are welcoming and entertaining; also visit the theme parks, you will not regret it!

Kanoa recalls that the California Tour ends in San Diego; as always we invite you to follow your tastes and travel rhythms, but if you want to follow our advice, we are sure you will not regret it.

Kanoa wishes Good California Tour!