Getting around Toledo on foot, by taxi and by bus. Guide, info, public transport

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In the beautiful historic center of Toledo, you can easily walk on foot. For transfers from the urban area and the surrounding areas of San Anton or Santa Barbara, you must use public transportation, or alternatively, taxis.


The best way to get around Toledo is, without a doubt, on foot. A pleasant way to discover really fantastic views and glimpses.
Also recommended coming from Madrid, and having as a starting point the central station. The walk from here is really pleasant. You can stop along the way, crossing the Tagus along the charming Puente de Alcántara and the next Puerta de Alcántara.

On foot, you reach Zocodover in just over 20 minutes, for a distance of about 1500m from the train station.
In the beautiful historic center, declared World Heritage Site, you can easily walk on foot.


There are around 20 urban and extra-urban daytime running lines that operate in Toledo and surrounding areas. The service is managed by the Spanish Unauto.
Zocodover is one of the landmarks of road traffic in Toledo. In fact, many of the lines have their own terminus right near the square, the entry point of the city. The 5 Line that operates from Zocodover to Santa Bárbara, is enhanced by a line that runs directly, called LD5.

The buses are in service every day from 07: 00 in the morning, up to 22: 30. Some lines, like L1, service up to 23: 30. They are white and red. At the back, the line and the stops of the two terminus are indicated.

On Saturday and Sunday, from midnight to 03: 30, night service is available. The four lines LB1, LB2, LB3 and LB4 are operative. Except for the LB3 line, buses all leave from Zocodover.

Unauto buses are perfectly accessible to people with reduced mobility. The lifting ramps allow you to access the vehicle without problems, and in total autonomy. Inside the vehicles there are anchorage and fixing systems on the ground, which guarantee total safety.

Move to Toledo


Il Ordinary billete allows you to make a trip on the Unauto buses. Costa 1.40 € per person and can be purchased directly on board the vehicle.
Il Billete Búho Bus, applies to a night bus ride and always costs 1.40 € per person.
For holidays not short, and for those who use the means to move to Toledo in a non-sporadic way, it is advisable to buy the Tarjeta Bono Bus. This is a special rechargeable card that allows you to travel on buses, at heavily discounted prices. You can buy at the Zococentro, making a minimum top-up of € 5.00. For each trip, an amount of only 0.64 € will be deducted (instead of 1.40 €!)


Quick and alternative to buses, taxis allow you to move easily from the station and move to Toledo.
They are present directly outside the railway station, generally white and easily identifiable.
Radio Taxi Toledo and Servi Taxi Toledo are the main companies that provide transfer services.

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