Stockholm. How to arrive by plane, ferry from the main destinations


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The beauty that you do not expect!

When it comes to Stockholm, or more generally, Scandinavia, it is very easy to refer to the cold northern countries. Nothing could be more wrong. Who has been there knows very well: Stockholm is anything but. An international capital that has nothing to envy to emblazoned names like Berlin, London or Paris, just to name a few.

Who has been there, knows perfectly well that the Swedish capital is a young and youthful city, full of life and locals; a city that innovates and has been able to innovate; a city with an interesting gastronomic offer. But above all, a city of great charm and tradition, and rich in history.
Large commercial port, it is built on 14 islets connected by bridges. It is rich in museums (of course, the one dedicated to ABBAs), ancient churches, and grand palaces. It's welcoming, as only the Swedes know how to be.
So, what are you waiting for to come and visit these parts?




Bromma, is the nearest airport to the city, about 7 km. From here, almost exclusively national flights with Sweden are guaranteed. To get from Europe, the two international airports are ideal Arlanda, is Skavsta.
The International Airport of Stokholm-Arlanda it is the main capital of the capital, as well as the busiest in Sweden. It is one of the three hubs of the Scandinavian Airlines System. The airport is located about 40 km north of Stockholm and has four terminals including 2 (2 Terminal and 5) for international flights.

For all the info and updates on the airport, it is available our special page from this link.


Airport Express it is the efficient train recommended by us, which allows you to reach the center in just 20 minutes. The train connects the Airport (under each Terminal there is the platform) with Stockholm Central Station.
The whole ticket costs 295 SEK (570 round trip) for adults, 165 SEK for boys between 18 and 25 years and over 65. Free up to 18 years not completed.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, are three ecological bus lines. Find a stop at every airport terminal.
The ticket costs 99SEK for adults if purchased online on the official website, otherwise you will pay 119SEK and it is the same regardless of the route. More info, through our official page.


The small airport is located in the municipality of Nykoping, about 100 km from Stockholm. Despite the distance, it is officially recognized as the second airport of the Swedish capital. RyanAir e Wizz Air they are the only two carriers to operate, with the latter making exclusively connections with Eastern Europe. All info and direct links, from this link.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, are the two "green" bus lines that connect the airport with Stockholm, or Norrköping - Linköping.
The cost, regardless of the route, is 139SEK if purchased online (159SEK, payment on the spot) per adult. The bus takes about 80 minutes to reach Stockholm Cityterminalen, 90 'for Linköping and about an hour to get to Norrköping.


From Oslo, you need to travel over 500 kilometers. From Copenhagen more than 600. Already from Berlin, the distances exceed the 1000 kilometers. There is no doubt that the plane is the most convenient way to reach Sweden from Europe. By car, you have to cross all of Germany and / or Denmark, take the ferry, embark your own vehicle (you can also cross the bridge connecting Copenhagen with Malmö).

Even the train, due to time and distance, is an impractical alternative. You must account for at least 24 hours, if not more, to arrive at your destination.

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