Stockholm how to move with public transport. Metro, bus, tram, boats

Stockholm How to Get Around

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Metro, train, bus, tram and even boats: getting around Stockholm is not complicated at all. Rather. Reasoning in terms of efficiency and punctuality, there is no doubt that the city has nothing to envy to cities like London or Paris.



Photo, 2011 user: xyboi, redraw by Stonyyy

La Stockholms Tunnelbana (T-Bahn) is the city subway, the main transport system; It is owned by the Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) which, however, left management a Veolia Transport, a French company!
One hundred stations, seven routes and three lines (green, red and blue). Here is the overview of the metropolitan system that connects, in a capillary way, the center with all the suburbs.
Most of the stations have been embellished with sculptures, mosaics, paintings and, above all, many graffiti, in an attempt to bring art closer to everyday life. The subways are marked on the outside by a blue T on a white background.

The subways perform, almost regularly, continuous service every weekday from 05: 00 in the morning (first run for all lines) until one o'clock in the morning. Friday and Saturday, however, are open all night!


Like the metro, the road network is also highly efficient. Connect almost every corner of the city throughout the day.

Buses of two colors circulate in the city: the reds, and the more recent blue ones. They are all, however, managed by SL and in operation, thanks to night service, practically the whole day.
The 47 lines, which goes to the Green Lund and at the museum Vasa, and the 69 that goes to Kaknästornet, are the most popular with tourists.


The trams, identified as the S7 line of urban transport, go back and forth from Djurgården; leave from Sergels Torg (connected to the stop T-centralen of the Metro) up to Waldermarsudde.
The cars are the same ones that were circulating in Stockholm 40 years ago. From April to December they operate on Saturdays and Sundays, while in June, July and August, every day.


A good alternative to move around Stockholm is by boat.

SL also manages the sea transport service from Nybroplan a Frihammen, and viceversa. The service is active every day from Monday to Friday from 05: 20 (first race) to 19: 40 (last race) from Nybroplan and from 05: 52 to 19: 11 from Frihammen. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the route from Nybroplan a Lidingoe, and vice versa, from 09 to 17: 40 approx. More information available on the official website.

Stockholm as Moving


To travel it is advisable to purchase, at the cost of 20 SEK, one SL Access Card It is an electronic card that can be recharged with credit that can be used for travel; just like a telephone sim. The credit is automatically deducted at the time of travel, validating the card at the entrances. On the Card you can load all types of tickets or subscriptions of 24, 48 and 72 hours.

From February 2017 has changed the tariff system, eliminating the old Zone Tickets. Today, moving around Stockholm is even easier. The simple ticket it is valid for all journeys on public transport within 75 minutes from validation. So with the same ticket, you can do more than one move. Remember though, that the trip MUST ALWAYS END WITHIN 75 'from validation. The full ticket costs 45SEK (31SEK reduced) if purchased at the automatic machines, through the APP or at physical operators. It can also be purchased directly on the vehicle; in this case, the cost will be 64SEK for the whole ticket, and 42SEK, reduced.

La Travelcard represents an evolution to move around Stockholm in complete tranquility.

This is a profitable subscription from 24 hours, 72 hours and a week; allows you to make unlimited travel for the duration chosen, on all city means, including the boat line Nybroplen-Frihammen. Only the Card in the 7 days version can be purchased via the SL Access Card recharge. The Travelcard from 24h costs 130SEK (90 in the reduced version) and the one from 72h costs 260 SEK (170 reduced); both are valid for the indicated hours from the moment of validation.

The weekly version, however, is valid starting from 00: 00 of the day of validation up to 04: 30 of the day following the expiration date. Costs 335 SEK (225 in the reduced version). This version can only be purchased COMBINED with the SL Access Card; otherwise, an increase of 20SEK is foreseen.

Always remember to purchase and validate your ticket before embarking on the journey. In fact, fines up to 1500SEK are envisaged, if the traveler does not have a travel ticket.

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