Sofia How to Move

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Sofia Getting around by metro, bus, car. Practical info

The capital of Bulgaria consists of a valid combined transport system on iron and rubber. Thanks to it, it is possible to move around Sofia quite easily.



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The subway extends for just over 30 km, and is the first and only rail transport network in the entire nation! Currently, the stations served by the means of transport are 27. The metro, which boasts the presence of two lines, is a fairly recent project; the 1 line was inaugurated in the 1998 with few stations and only in the following years has assumed the current physiognomy.
The subway operates daily from the 05: 00 to the 24, with frequency of runs at peak times of 4 minutes. For more practical information you can consult the official website.


After the metro, taxis are the most popular way to get around Sofia. The preferred means are the RADIO TAXI, of which OK SUPETRANS and RADIO CB TAXI represent the most reliable and honest companies. Beware of others, who are known to often make up the taximeters.
Keep in mind that drivers are obliged to deliver the receipt with the relative amount to the customer.


To move in Sofia, it is much better to opt for the modern metro, young and efficient as opposed to the road and rail network, obsolete and with rather old transport vehicles.


Sofia how to move

There are different types of tickets. First of all, we start from the one-way race that costs 1 BGN (0,51 €). The price is the same, but tickets for the metro and bus are different. The carnet from 10 runs is also available at the cost of 8BGN. The integrated day ticket for all means of transport costs 4BGN.

It allows you to make travel on all means of transport citizens during the calendar day when it is obliterated; therefore, it is valid only for the day it is stamped and not for 24h. There are no tickets valid for several days; you go directly to the monthly subscription, which is not of interest to tourists.
Tickets can be purchased at the vending machines installed at the entrances of the underground stations and at the authorized dealers of Sofia Urban Transport Center. Always remember to validate the tickets before embarking on the journey. Tickets DO NOT PURCHASE on board.

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