Best Beaches of Skiathos

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Guide and practical information to the best beaches of Skiathos

From long and renowned expanses to small coves. From the most solitary beaches to those preferred by families. The island of Sporades is able to satisfy the needs of all visitors. You will find beautiful and evocative places just about everywhere. From North to South. From East to West. Listing them all would be impossible.

So here are some of the most interesting Skiathos beaches. Others, you can discover them only by being guided by your instinct.


Lalaria Beach

A must among the beaches of Skiathos. Located to the north, Lalaria Beach can only be reached by boat. Beautiful place to postcard, with white pebble beach and beautiful turquoise waters that give colors of a thousand shades. The arch of rock, visible by sea, will be the signal of having finally reached its destination. A truly enchanting beach, and one of the most visited and known on the island, and, for this reason, rather touristy. In the main months, it is an authentic way-go of boats. We recommend arriving early in the morning, to fully enjoy its beauty. In June and late September, Lalaria Beach is truly wonderful. In any case, a holiday in Skiathos is impossible without having passed through Lalaria.

From the port of Skiathos, daily departures for Lalaria Beach. There are several companies that make different tours. You can choose the only tour of Lalaria Beach, or the one that includes the tour of most beaches. We recommend the first tour: you will spend more hours on the beach. Prices, generally, are between € 12 and € 15 per person.

Especially exposed to winds, sometimes it can not be visited due to the adverse weather conditions.

To the southeast of the island, it rises Tsougkria, also known as Tsoungria or Tsougra

It is a beautiful islet, from the completely uninhabited 2011. Except for the summer months, during the year Tsougkria is animated by the presence of only goats! A wild, uncontaminated place, with really beautiful and suggestive beaches and inlets. From here, more info.


It can be considered, in all respects, the beach of Skiathos Town, because, not far from the center of the capital. The beach, in fact, can be reached in a short time, with a walk on foot from the city. It is the favorite destination for children and those staying in the city. The beach is long, with light sand. Crystalline water. It is, of course, equipped.


Just a few kilometers north of Skiathos Town, it is a beautiful beach that lies right in the vicinity of the airport. Do not be frightened, then, if while you were intent on sunbathing or bathing, you could fly a plane just above you!

Keep in mind that it is particularly exposed to winds. The beach is mixed with sand and gravel; the crystalline sea is blue and often quite rough. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds, far enough from each other, maintaining a sort of tranquility and intimacy, the prerogative of the place. It is easily accessible by your own vehicle and has a parking space.


Beaches Skiathos, Koukonaries

Located in the south of the island, it is one of the largest and most famous beaches in Skiathos. A long expanse of fine golden sand and emerald green sea surrounded by a fantastic expanse of pine trees. One of the most touristy and crowded Skiathos beaches, especially in August. In recent years, the number of beaches, establishments, restaurants and taverns has grown, which have aroused beauty and genuineness. It remains, however, one of the destinations not to be missed during the Skiathos holidays.

It is also one of the beaches that can be reached from the bus leaving from Skiathos Town.


In our opinion, the Top beach for your family Skiathos holidays. If you have children, we are sure that you will spend a lot of time in Kolios Beach. Surrounded by dense vegetation and well sheltered, the golden sandy beach has crystal clear waters and shallow water, ideal for children. It is well sheltered and, above all, it is easily reachable. Less famous than the others, it is rather quiet.

Not far away, you will even find a market. The beach is located on the South of the island, not far from Troulos Beach.

Not far away, you will find another interesting creek: Kanapitsa. It is worthwhile to visit this beautiful beach, shaped like a half moon with golden sand. Quite quiet, like Kolios, it is very popular with families during Skiathos holidays.


Your holiday Skiathos by the sea can not be separated from Agia Eleni. It is a long and spacious expanse of golden sand, surrounded by lush vegetation. The water is blue and crystalline. We conjure an entire afternoon at Agia Eleni, waiting for sunset. Charm, suggestion and romance ....

Equipped beach, can be reached along a stretch of dirt road from Koukonaries. The destination is well indicated during the journey.


Best Beaches of Skiathos Banana Beach

Not far from Koukonaries, Banana Beach is a rather well-known beach, so named for its particular shape, similar to a banana. It is considered the beach of entertainment, for the presence of numerous bars, taverns and clubs, with music and sound ready to accompany you. The sand is golden and the sea is crystal clear. It is also the favorite area for water sports lovers.

Banana Beach can be reached from Koukonaries, along a dirt road to the South. Before arriving at your destination, you will find a fork. One leads to the beach just mentioned, while the second leads to Little Banana. The latter is smaller and quieter than the previous one, but perhaps more beautiful. Beautiful sea and sand doarata, has been elected naturist center and, therefore, you will find many tourists intent to bathe and sunbathe, completely naked. If you have a very jealous partner, it is better to avoid it so as not to ruin your Skiathos holidays !!!


At about 4 km east of Koukonaries, this quiet beach reserves pleasant surprises. Less chaotic and crowded than the other beaches of Skiathos, and, therefore, ideal to escape from the chaos of August. The name is due to the small islets, located in front, is called Troulonissia. It is a white sandy beach with clear waters in a small cove, ideal for families. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds in fairly cheap figures and a part of the beach.

It can be easily reached by car, or alternatively by bus from Skiathos Town, along a small stretch of road on foot.

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