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Visit Sinaia: what to do and what to see. Peles Castle, Pelisor, Casino.

Sinaia is considered, for good reason, the pearl of the Carpathians and, as such, deserves proper attention. A must for a tour in Transylvania, the city is located along the spectacular and impressive stretch of the valley of the Prahova; that is, one of the most beautiful of all the Carpathians, east of the Bucegi Mountains, following the course of the homonymous river between mountains and pine forests.

The Monastery, Peles, Pelisor Castelul and the Casino, or the places of greatest interest, are all concentrated in an area of ​​just 2 km. The Casino itself is located near the railway station. All this makes it particularly easy to visit Sinaia, even for those who do not want to arrive by car.


Photo ©, Aleksander Dragnes

We recommend starting from the beautiful Sinaia Monastery, a seventeenth century building in the Brancovenesti style. Built by the will of the Romanian nobleman Mihail Cantacuzino after a pilgrimage to Egypt on Mount Sinai; from here, the name of the building and, later, the city, which arose right around the Monastery. Located along the road of the same name, on the road that leads to the Castles, the Orthodox Church consists of two large structures; the original building dating from the seventeenth century, and the modern one of the nineteenth century. The complex is hosted in the complex Muzeul Manastirii Sinaia, a Museum of History. The latter houses a collection of Icons of Saints and a copy of the first Bible printed in Romania.

Open every day from 08: 00 to 18: 00. In winter, museum and church open only from 10: 00 to 15: 00 for groups of at least 10 people.
The admission ticket costs 5,00LEI and entitles the access to the whole structure. More info you can find them on the official website, only in Romanian.


Photo ©, Rotaru Florin

Not far from here, the Parcul Dimitrie Ghica, a park built on the project of the Swiss architect Eder in the 1881, where the splendid is located Cazinoul Sinaia. The Casino is a splendid building of the early '900, built on the initiative of King Charles I of Romania. The Baron of Marçay was the main shareholder (the same, however, of the Casino of Montecarlo): until the years' 40, became one of the main attractions of the area, before gambling was banned; since then, the Casino has been a Congress and Conference Center.
Inside is a beautiful art gallery that you can visit along with all the beautiful rooms.
The admission fee costs 15RON per adult for the tour with the guide; Special family packages are available at 30RON for two adults and one child up to 15 years. The under 7 do not pay.
The structure is open every day from 10 to 18. For more info you can consult the official website from here. The Casino, as mentioned, rises on the splendid Ghica Park: we recommend taking a walk through these beautiful gardens, to relax.

Bulevardul Carol I, in honor of the Sovereign, is the central avenue that starts from the Park above. Here, you will find some restaurants, Irish Pubs, cafes and the "Carpati" Shopping Center, perhaps, for a quick lunch.

Visit Sinaia Castello Peles

The second part of the itinerary for Visitare Sinaia concerns the two main castles of the area. The first is Peles Castle, of course, the main attraction of the Prahova valley. Built between 1875 and 1914 in German neo-Renaissance architecture, following the style of the Castles of Bavaria, è considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. And it is absolutely true. The whole structure, including the gardens, the rooms and the location is truly WONDERFUL.

The Castle was built at the behest of King Charles I, who made it his summer residence, after falling in love with this area. The interiors and rooms are sumptuous, finely decorated and embellished with Murano glass chandeliers, embroideries, and frescoes. Splendid the Hall of Honor, which extends over three floors, with beautiful tapestries, bas-reliefs, sculptures and walls clad in finely carved wood; in Great Armory about 4000 pieces are stored between weapons and armor: swords, axes, sabers, firearms ... Library Reliable, contains rare books handwritten with gold letters and bound in leather! In the Castle there is also a small Louis XVI style Theater with a Royal box, 60 seats and remarkable wall paintings by Gustav Klimt. Also remarkable is the glass ceiling, with an electric opening.

Do not miss the 7 terraces, decorated with sculptures, fountains and Carrara marble vases. The structure hosts a National Museum with one of the most important painting collections in Eastern Europe.

In summer, Castelul Peles is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 09: 15 to 16: 15. Wednesday opens at 11: 00. Closed every Monday. In Winter it is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 09: 15 to 16: 15.
CLOSED EVERY MONDAY AND TUESDAY: keep this in mind if you decide to visit Sinaia in winter !.

There are two types of tickets.
The ticket TUR DE BAZĂ (PARTER), allows you to visit the rooms on the ground floor. Costa 30LEI for adults, 15LEI for 65 and 7,5LEI for students and children.
The ticket TUR OPŢIONAL 1 (PARTER + PRIMUL ETAJ), costs 60LEI for adults, 30 over 65 and 15LEI for children and students and allows you to make a complete visit to the Castle.
It is forbidden to take pictures inside: to make them you have to pay a special TAXĂ DE PHOTOGRAPHER for 35LEI well. In any case, the flash is always forbidden. We consider it absolutely useless to pay for it, not only because of the exorbitant cost, but also because of the lack of brightness of many rooms that would make it impossible to take photographs. It must be said that with modern smartphones, it is not difficult to take some souvenir photos without being seen!
In addition, someone who has been claiming that they hardly ask the Student Card to enter: try not to hurt!

Pelisor_Castle, _Sinaia

Photo ©, Cristian Bortes

Not far away is the smallest one Pelisor Castelul, built at the behest of Ferdinand, successor to King Charles I, who decided to build another residence considering Peles too big for their tastes. Some malignants, however, argued that the future wife did not get along with Queen Elizabeth of Romania.
The building, built in the art nouveau style, features 70 rooms decorated with Viennese furniture and Tiffany and Lalique vases. The visit does not take too much time.
Pelisor observes the exact same Peles timetables and is always closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The entrance fee costs 20LEI for adults, 10LEI for over 65 and 5LEI for students and children. Also here, ask the payment of the fee equal to 35LEI to take pictures inside!

A single official portal is available for Peles and Pelisor available from this link.

Regarding Sinaia, we must also say that it is known for being one of the most famous ski resorts in Romania, as well as a popular destination for winter sports lovers. There are some beautiful hiking trails that wind through the Bucegi mountains and the plateau, really well kept and well marked. An advice: push yourself up to logs, a little less than 10 km north of Sinaia; waiting for you, the fascinating and suggestive spectacle of the Bucegi mountains with the mysterious Sphinx and the Babel. More info, from this link.

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