Getting around Sighisoara

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All the practical info to move to Sighisoara by bus. Hours and tickets

The historical center is visited exclusively on foot. To move to Sighisoara, and reach the surrounding areas, you can use the public service, managed by ATT


Several private companies operate in the city. Taxis are easily identifiable and are quite cheap.
Obviously, the advice is to check in advance the rate. Even if many do not speak English, you will easily manage to speak.


Public transport is limited to 5 bus lines, almost all in service from Monday to Sunday, from morning until late evening. End of line and journey to the Stadion stop, all lines are common, before each one continues along its own direction.
The service is guaranteed by the Romanian company SC Apă Termic Transport SA Sighişoara (ATT). The buses, generally, are white and red. Here, below, the two main lines, ideal for moving in Sighisoara:

Red Line for Ana Ipatescu. From Monday to Friday, from 04: 40 to 22: 10, with frequencies of about 30 minutes, Saturday and Sunday, from 05: 00 to 22: 10, with a departure every hour.
Linea Azzurra for Cornesti, near Nicolae Filipescu. From Monday to Friday, from 04: 50 to 22: 10. Saturday, from 07: 00 to 20: 00. Sunday, from 05: 00 to 20: 00. Frequencies from 30 to 60 '.

Move to Sighisoara


Tickets can only be used on a bus line. Here, below, tickets to travel on the means, and move to Sighisoara.
The ticket valid for two trips costs 3.00RON. You can use it on two different buses, for as many trips.

For those wishing to make more trips in one, or more days, there are convenient passes. Here are the types:

  • Subscription to a Line for a whole month, 61,00RON.
  • Subscription for a month to 2 lines, 73.50RON.
  • 1 line, 15 days 30.50RON.
  • 1 7 line days 15.00RON.
  • 1 1 line day 6.00RON

All tickets can be purchased from resellers displaying the appropriate ATT mark

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