Getting around in Sibiu

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Getting around in Sibiu by taxi, bike and bus. Info, timetables and ticket prices

Within the medieval city you can easily walk. For those who want to move in the surrounding areas and move from the historic center, the alternatives are not lacking.


The taxi is a rather popular solution for getting around Sibiu, far from the central areas. Many prefer to opt for this solution, due to the costs far from excessive. According to a specific decree, the maximum applicable rate is 3.10LEI for each kilometers. For example, the cost for a move from the airport to the center does not exceed € 10. This figure, moreover, can be amortized if you are traveling with your family or in a group.

Taxis are readily available and, in general, you can speak in English with most taxi drivers.
Use only official taxis, equipped with a special sign, license and taximeter.


The bicycle is a particularly popular means throughout Transylvania. An "eco-friendly" way to move around Sibiu and reach points of interest and villages further from the center.

I'Velo is a reliable bike sharing service, transplanted from Bucharest to other Romanian cities, including Sibiu. At Piata Unirii there is the central I'Velo, where you can rent one of the many yellow bikes at the cost of 15LEI.

Move to Sibiu


In Sibiu there are a total of 22 bus and trolleybus lines operated by the Romanian TURSIB. Lines are classified according to the importance of the route.
The 1, 2 and 5 lines are main lines, active every day, usually from Monday to Friday from 05: 15 to 23: 00 approx. Saturday and Sunday, from 06: 00 to 21: 30. During weekdays, the frequency varies from 10 to 20 minutes.

The numbers from 11 to 19 identify secondary lines. The name, however, must not be confusing. In fact, they are public means of transport that cross suburban neighborhoods and surrounding areas that are not necessarily of secondary importance. This is the case, for example, of the 11 line that connects the center with the airport, and the various lines that arrive at the Central Station.
The 22 line towards Paltinis is, instead, identified as a Tourist Line.


To travel and move to Sibiu by bus, you need to purchase a special travel ticket, to be validated as soon as you get on the vehicle. Tickets can be purchased at the automatic machines in the local currency. Here, below, the different types:

  • Bilet una Calatoria: valid for one ride on all lines except the 22 Line. Costa 2LEI.
  • Zilnic legitimatie, it is a valid pass for the whole day and costs 5LEI.
  • Abonament Septamanal, is the valid pass for 7 days. Costa 18LEI
  • Abonament 1 Luna: NOMINATIVE subscription, valid for 30 days. Costa 65LEI and can only be used by the person indicated on the travel document.
  • Abonament NENOMINALIZAT 1 Luna. Non-nominal subscription valid for a whole month. Anyone can use it, but not simultaneously. Costa 100LEI.

All Passes allow unlimited access to Sibiu public transport, for the chosen time, except for the 22 Sibiu-Paltinis Tourist Line. For the latter, you must purchase a special ticket at the cost of 9LEI for one way, or 16LEI for round trip.

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