Sunset Pier Key West

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Kanoa Sensations presents Key West, the southernmost city-island of the Florida; it is part of a series of islands (about 1700) of which the most important is more to the south.

As soon as you set foot on this fantastic island, you will immediately notice a relaxed atmosphere; mostly colonized by the Cubans, you will be warmly welcomed. The colors and smells of this piece of America, at the bottom of the Ocean, are incredible.

Take a stop at Southernmost Point, the most South-West point of the continental United States; indicated with a monument at the intersection of Whitehead and South Street. Another unmissable stop is the old house of Ernest Hemingway that attracts many visitors every year.

From the 1969, Key West is one of the main destinations for cruise ships in the Caribbean. Every day, ships bring more than half a million visitors to the island.

The Key Islands can be reached from Miami via the Overseas Highway; a highway suspended over the sea, where you will seem to dominate the sea with your convertible ...

Key west Sunset Pier

The Sunset Pier Key West it is, in all probability, the best place to sip a drink, admiring a spectacular sunset.

If you are in this corner of America, you can not miss a few hours in this enchanting place; calm and colors will surprise you.

Take a seat on the wooden pier; let yourself be pampered by the chill-out music in the background. You will find like you, many people who rush to the Sunset Pier to greet the sun that goes away ...

Order a drink; if you want, you can also eat. Watch out for what you order: prices are quite high. Appropriate to sip a Margarita or the inevitable mojito.

we at Kanoa Sensations we are certain that the Sunset Pier Key West is a Must with tables and colored chairs; the pier close to the sea ... and, above all, a sunset that you will hardly forget for the rest of your life.

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