Take a ride on the curious Cable Car; or, visit the commercial heart of Union Square. A jump on the seafront, while relaxing in one of the many cafés serving the best lobsters of the bay; and, again, visit the famous MoMa. Or rent a bike, heading to the famous "Golden Gate Bridge" for the sunset. Things to do and see in San Francisco are truly countless.

We are sure that our itinerary will strike the mind, but above all, your heart.

In this guide, thanks to our direct experience, we have gathered some places that, in our opinion, you should not miss to visit during your holiday. Furthermore, we have collected some curiosities and some surprises.

Union Square

Union Square is the pulsating and commercial heart of San Francisco; as such, it is always very crowded. The square is full of shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants, theaters and art galleries.

The Financial District extends a few blocks to the east, and is bordered by the Embarcadero and Market street.

Distant about 15 minutes walk from Union Square, there is the impressive Transamerica Pyramid (pictured below), which dominates the SF Skyline.

With its pyramidal and square shape at the base, but above all, from its 260 meters high, it is one of the symbols of San Francisco and the Financial District. This is the tallest building in the city, visible from virtually every point in San Francisco.

Official Site:

Also near Union Square, Kanoa recommends visiting one of the most important museums in the world.

MoMa San Francisco

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art reopened the 14 May 2016, after remaining closed for nearly 2 years due to major renovation work.

The façade of the new MoMA is inspired by the waters of San Francisco Bay; during the course of the day it changes color, making it really very suggestive and fascinating.

The museum is located a few steps from Union Square. You can reach it with a short walk, or alternatively, by taking the tram, getting off at Market St. & 3rd St. In case you arrive with the Bart metro, get off at Montgomery St. station and then walk for a few minutes.

Established in the 1935, the MoMa it is present in all the major cities of the world. In San Francisco, it is one of the main attractions, which every year records thousands of visitors. Passionate and curious, they will be able to admire works by important artists of the twentieth century avant-garde movements; by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Richard Diebenkorn, Clyfford Still, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, Marcel Duchamp and Ansel Adams.

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Cable Car

The San Francisco tram system (San Francisco Cable Car System) transports the population and thousands of tourists since 1873.

The famous Cable cars of San Francisco, although they are a means of transport, are one of the main attractions of the city. Very similar to European trams, they exceed the considerable differences in city streets; you can catch them on the fly along the stops, or after a short line at the station. Obviously, being a tourist attraction, you will have to estimate any queues.

Cable Cars are limited to three lines. One, from Market Street to Fisherman's Wharf; the second, is the Powell-Mason line and, the third, California Street. Cable cars are used for tourism purposes.

Only the inhabitants of Nob and Russian Hills use them on a daily basis to move from one point to another in their neighborhoods. They are above all tourists and curious to storm these vehicles.


There are different types. You can buy a single ticket at a tram driver, or at the many kiosks at the stations or in the city. A single ticket costs $ 5.

Coit Tower

One of the most scenic places in San Francisco, as well as a true city symbol. Built between 1933 and 1938 at Pioneer Park, on top of Telegraph Hill.

In our opinion, one of the observation points not to be missed if you are in SF; a white Art Deco style tower, built in honor of the San Francisco firemen at the behest of the millionaire Lillie Hutchcock Coit.

The Coit Tower, made of concrete, crown with its 60 meters in height the top of Telegraph Hill. You can admire the view from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge, which offers a fantastic view of the slopes of Nob Hill and Russian Hill, which descend towards North Beach.

Curiosity: the interiors are decorated with splendid frescoes from the 30 years.


There are two alternatives to reach Coit tower. First, the taxi, which will cost you more or less 20 / 30 $ from Union Square. The economic solution is represented by the 39 Bus, which will leave you right at the foot of the tower.

If you are fit enough and have "spirit of adventure", you can also reach Telegraph Hill on foot in about 20 minutes.

Once you arrive at the Coit Tower, in front of you, you will notice the statue of Christopher Columbus.

Prezzi: $ 8 adults with elevator, Senior and 5 $ kids, $ 2 children.

Hours: open every day from 10 to 18

Closures: Thanksgiving, Christmas, January 1st.

Official Website:

After relaxing in one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco, Kanoa advises to start the descent from Telegraph Hill. Along the way, you could hear humming parrots. At a certain point, the famous Lombard Street begins. We advise you to walk the stretch on foot to enjoy the particular Victorian style houses and go up and down between one Avenue and another.

Lombard Street

We can say that Lombard Street is the most tortuous, as well as the most incredible road in the world. An icon of San Francisco, seen and reviewed in many American films.

Lombard Street is famous for the famous stretch of Russian Hill, between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street, consisting of 8 steep hairpins and with a slope that reaches the 20%.

Impossible not to make a jump. Equally impossible, do not take a souvenir photo in a symbolic and particular place like this. Coming from the lower part, the climb is rather tiring; at least the use of the side steps is advisable. Fatigue, however, is rewarded by a breathtaking view, one of a kind, where the many colorful flowers are the background to the street.

As we have advised you, you will arrive at Lombard Street from below, in order to admire this authentic wonder of nature, and take some selfie with your partner.

When you reach the top of Lombard Street, admire the colorful curvy road; head along Hyde St. to your left. A relaxing walk will take you to the famous Fisherman's Wharf via Russian Hill Park.

Ghirardelli Square

Domenico Ghirardelli, born in Rapallo in the 1817, it represents a piece of history of California and Italian emigration to the United States.

The then twenty-year-old Italian, he embarked for Montevideo, full of dreams and passion. Arrived in Uruguay, he collaborated with a small shop of sweets; after a year of sacrifice, he later decided to move to Peru, to Lima, where he opened a confectionery shop.

The arrival in San Francisco, is dated 1849, during the "gold fever"; only 3 years later, Mr. Ghirardelli founded his chocolate shop, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

The brand soon became a successful brand. The products were exported to China, Japan and Mexico. In the 60 years the company was sold to a multinational company and the plant moved to nearby San Leandro, California.

Today, Ghirardelli Square is one of San Francisco's favorite shopping spots, visited by tourists too. The square is in Victorian style; the famous chocolate shop is always there, very inviting and, without a doubt, offers the best chocolate in California.

How to get

Ghirardelli square is located on Beach Street just a few steps from the famous Pier 39; you can also get there on foot. Or with the Tram, from Union Square, getting off at the terminus, Hyde St. & North Point Street.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is an area of ​​San Francisco close to the coast, probably one of the areas most loved by citizens and tourists. Many of its attractions, such as the Pier 39 shopping center, are located right here.

This is one of the Boardwalk more charming, as it is full of quaint shops, scenic restaurants and pubs. Also, in the distance, in the distance you can admire the large and impressive Golden Gate Bridge.

From this area, and from the Piers (piers), daily departures for Alcatraz Prison, located on an island just a few minutes away from the coast of San Francisco.

Alcatraz was one of the most important prisons in America, where the most dangerous criminals in history were imprisoned, including Al Capone.

For an excellent day trip to Alcatraz, you can refer to the following site:

In this area, above all, you will find the classic kiosks (pictured below), which sell the clams of the ocean, and the King of Shellfish, that is, the crab of Dungeness!

One of San Francisco's main attractions is a giant colony of seals and sea lions.

These cute mammals have chosen the port of San Francisco as their home; they love to lie in the sun, one above the other. Tourists love to watch their sweet doing nothing and, in some cases, even the quarrels between seals, for the place on the pier. In our opinion, it is a truly unmissable show.

Golden Gate Bridge

WHAT TO SEE San Francisco

The symbol of San Francisco from the 1937, one of the wonders of the modern world. Engineering pride, it was completed after 4 years of struggle against strong gusts of wind, rain, rock and storm surges.

Golden Gate, which literally means Golden Gate, was built on the strait that connects the Pacific Ocean with the San Francisco Bay.

Along 2,7 kilometers, connects San Francisco with the Marin County area, distinguishable thanks to the dark orange color. The numbers are impressive; the 2 pillars that support the structure, are 230 meters high, with 128.000 Km of cables, firmly stretched, and anchored to the two sides.

Useful Info

The lanes for cars are 6. By day, pedestrians and cyclists can safely walk the bridge along the sidewalks dedicated to them. The viewpoints are located both south and north of the Golden Gate, with ample parking to relax and take the inevitable photos.

Kanoa recommends the official website for other info:

How to get

From Downtown, take the 38 Geary Boulevard bus to the Park Presidio stop; then, take the 28 bus, heading north. In a short time, you will be at the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Furthermore, you can also take the Golden Gate Transit.

Info at the site:

Some curiosities: it is estimated that each year, due to the weather, they are used between the 19.000 and 38.000 liters of paint to repaint the bridge.

On the Golden Gate there were 3 parts, all boys.

Since 1937, the year of its inauguration, the bridge was closed only 3 times, due to strong winds that exceeded the 110 Km / h.

Other attractions not to be missed

Musical institutions, including, San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Ballet.

Furthermore, this amazing city houses some innovative and original museums, such as the Exploratorium and The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Spectacular views at Nob Hill

Nob Hill it's the most snobby neighborhood in San Francisco. Winding roads and, in some cases, incredibly steep, with slopes, in some cases, almost 80%! From here, you will admire the most fascinating sceneries of this great city of California.

Kanoa advises not to miss visiting the oldest district of San Francisco. From Nob Hill, taking the N.27 Bus, heading south, in about 35 minutes you will be in Mission District.

During your visit to the city, you can not miss Mission Discrit, the oldest district in San Francisco.

Painted houses and buildings, with a very extravagant style; the inhabitants are of various ethnic groups, including Latin and Asian. The crime rate, too, is above the average of the rest of the city. It is advisable to visit the area during the day or, at most, in the afternoon; in any case you will be satisfied to have visited one of the oldest districts of the city!

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is the largest city lung in the United States. Just over 4 sq. Km, it is bigger than Central Park (New York); every year it is visited by over 10 millions of people. Impressive numbers.

It is the favorite park of the inhabitants of San Francisco, much loved for its originality, the sequoias, the bison and the frequent performances of music of all kinds. All this, attracts many people, especially when the weather is not very cold, so as to enjoy its wonderful nature.

Not to be missed, inside, MH De Young Memorial Museum, the Conservatory of Flowers and the California Academy of Science.

How to get:
Bus: 1 or 38 from Downtow, 5, 21, 71.

Tram: N line from Downtown

The special guide on what to see in San Francisco ends. We hope you will find help during your stay in this wonderful city!

Have a good trip from the Kanoa staff!