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The best beaches of Rhodes Holidays: kallithea, Lindos, Anthony Quinn

You say Greece and immediately think about the summer. And it could not be otherwise. Long stretches of beach. Beautiful coves. Crystalline sea. Traditional cuisine with always fresh ingredients; and above all, really good. Rhodes Holidays is all this .... and more.

During your Rhodes holidays you will have many things to do and see. You can walk around reliving history in the magical castle of Rhodes, and relive the legend of the legendary Colossus. You can get lost in the narrow streets of Lindos and admire the impressive fortified castle where the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia and the Acropolis stand. In the evening, however, you'll be spoiled for choice between Rhodes Town and Faliraki.


Rhodes is an island that hides some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; the sea, incredibly clear everywhere, offers colors whose shades vary from blue to blue to emerald green.

Given the extension, you will be spoiled for choice. The eastern coast of the island is characterized by the most turistic and frequented beaches. The western coast, less frequented, is mostly beaten by the meltemi; however, there are beautiful beaches and inlets. Below we propose a list of beaches not to be missed once you arrive on the island.

Prerequisite: Rhodes is among the most popular islands in Greece. As such, it will be impossible to avoid crowds and chaos. Especially in August. Play early and try to get to the beach early; as far as it can be possible!


Lindos Rhodes Holidays

The charming and charming village that rises on foot of the splendid Rocca-Fortress love, contains two of the most popular beaches: Lindos Beach and Agios Pavlos.

Lindos is located about 55 km from the capital and is easily accessible by car, or by bus. Races from Rhodes Town, especially in August, are quite frequent. A rather charming alternative is to arrive by boat from the port. Arrange to spend a whole day: in addition to the two beaches, do not miss to visit the town.

Lindos Beach is characterized by a well-equipped small shoreline with sunbeds and umbrellas; there is also a parking space for cars. However, the incredible beauty and charm seen from above the village, are betrayed the moment you approach.


Rhodes holidays Agios Pavlos

The splendid bay where, it is said, San Paolo landed. From here, the name. It is the most characteristic and famous beach of the island. It is all completely surrounded and protected by rocky walls. It rises at the foot of the splendid acropolis; in the eastern part, the suggestive church dedicated to San Paolo. It has a sandy part where you will find umbrellas and sunbeds. Difficult to find someone free, after the 10: 00. Beautiful, crystalline sea: a real swimming pool! One of the unmissable places of your Rhodes Holidays.



Photo ©, Michael Mayer

One of our favorites. Ideal for those who are looking for a heavenly and pristine place, far from crowds. Do not expect, however, to be alone. However, the beach is less chaotic than many others.

Traganou Beach is a beautiful beach of pretty small pebbles and really clear waters, with colors that go from heavenly to turquoise and not too cold temperatures. We recommend that you stretch towards the northernmost slope of the beach, by far the most suggestive, with cliffs and a fascinating cave. There are no umbrellas or sunbeds; near you, you will find a good tavern to refresh yourself.

The beach is located just over 16 km south of Rhodes Town, easily accessible by crossing the coastal road.


Anthony_Qeen_bay_1 _-_ panoramio

Photo ©, Maurizio Ceol

One of the island's most famous beaches, literally stormed by tourists. The crowd and chaos do not undermine the extraordinary beauty of this bay, which is named after Anthony Quinn. The great protagonist of "Zorba the Greek" literally fell in love with this place. And how could he be wronged!

It is a beautiful beach of sand and gravel, characterized by a narrow jagged coastline, set between hills covered with greenery and several flat rocks that arrive at sea, ideal for taking a fantastic tan!

Given its shape, due to its rocks and sharp stones, it is not very suitable for children; the advice is, however, to wear beach shoes. The beach is not particularly large and the sunbeds and umbrellas are not very many, so you should arrive early, otherwise you can lay on one of the many cliffs; at your arrival you can easily park your car. Above the beach, you will find a great tavern to enjoy traditional cuisine and wonderful Greek salads.

Anthony Quinn is a short distance from Traganou, about 5 km from Faliraki.


Very close to Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko Beach is a valid alternative. Especially in case you have found too much confusion in the other. The proximity of the two beaches often causes confusion in someone, convinced that they are in Anthony Quinn Bay!

The sea, however, is really beautiful and crystalline, with pebble beach, and sea from the sandy bottom, where there are some really beautiful and suggestive rocky points. The beach is set in an inlet and is not particularly large. It is well equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and bars; has ample parking.


Greece_Rhodes_Faliraki _-_ panoramio_ (15)

Photo ©, Kraus

The beach of entertainment as well as the most popular of the island. In the long expanse of Faliraki, nothing is missing: bars, restaurants, clubs, windsurf schools, slides at sea, and of course .... chaos at all hours. In addition to being well equipped, it degrades rather smoothly, and is also ideal for families. The beach also has ample parking.

In the evening you have fun and dance until late.

Faliraki is not exceptional, especially when compared to other beaches on the island. We are sure, however, that you will appreciate the festive atmosphere that you breathe in this area during your holidays in Rhodes.


Agathi is a full member of our favorite beaches. Sara for her sense of tranquility that she transmits; its incredibly crystalline waters; the evocative landscape that surrounds it, set in a suggestive inlet. And of course, its soft and golden beach that earned it the nickname of Golden Beach.

Agathi is located just under 40 km south-east of Rhodes Town, accessible by the road that leads to Lindos. From the latter, it is about 10 km.

The beach is well equipped. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds at reasonable prices, and stop at one of the kiosks in the area. You will also find ample parking.



Photo ©, ipapazaxariou

At the foot of the homonymous and suggestive monastery, stands this beautiful beach not to be missed during your Rhodes holidays. A beach that will conquer you thanks to its soft golden beach, and its beautiful waters, whose colors show fantastic and brilliant shades of turquoise. The seabed is sandy and sloping, also ideal for families and children.

The long sandy expanse is equipped in different points with sunbeds and umbrellas. It has a bar and even a mini-market nearby. You can also rent sports equipment. The area, in fact, is very popular for lovers of water sports.

The beach, in August, loses some of its charm and charm because it is overcrowded with overwhelming, with a street-go of boats, sometimes annoying. We suggest you stay at the end: an excellent point for snorkelling.

The beach has a bus stop and, of course, ample parking.



Photo ©, Shadowgate

The ancient Baths of Kallithea were a system of hot springs of thermal waters, later, gone into disuse and no longer working. Today, the baths are home to one of the most popular and popular beaches of the island of Rhodes.

It is a beautiful and suggestive beach of golden sand, bounded by rocks and rocks that come into the sea and surrounded by palm trees and pines. The spa buildings, around, make the context unique, thanks to their architecture of Arab influence, full of magnificent mosaics.

The sea is beautiful, blue and emerald, limpid and crystalline, with rocky bottoms, which is why we recommend paying attention. The beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, also located on the low cliffs that border the sandy coast to the sides.

The entrance to the Baths of Kallithea is allowed every day from 8 to 20: 00; the entry fee is € 3,00 per person.

The Baths are located about 10 km south-east of the capital, easily accessible following the directions that are not missing during the journey. For detailed info, Kanoa recommends visiting the official website:


At about 22 km south of the capital, Afandou is a beach located near the village of the same name. It is a stretch of sand and pebbles, characterized by a beautiful long and very wide coastline, ideal for all types of tourists; sometimes completely free, sometimes equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

The sea is incredibly transparent. It is less chaotic and crowded than many other beaches on the island, compared to which, offers less services and comfort. On the beach, however, there are kiosks where you can rent equipment for windsurfing, ideal sport on windy days; if you have no problem, because you will find taverns and snack-bars within a few minutes.

Just behind the beach, there are the golf courses of the Rhodes Golf Course.



Photo ©, Man

Prassonissi Beach (or Prasonisi) is located on the southern tip of the island, 92 kilometers south of the capital, and 40 km southwest of the village of Lindos. The journey is quite long: take at least an hour's drive into account. Time, however, well spent as it is an absolutely unique and unmissable place!

This beach is very long and is known for being a surfer's paradise, especially during the months of July and August, when the northern winds are blowing Meltemi.

The landscape that surrounds it is truly incredible and the waters that bathe it incredibly crystalline.

The incredible feature of Prassonissi is that it is a promontory, joined to the island by a strip of sand, on which stands a lighthouse that becomes an island at high tide giving rise to that phenomenon known as "The meeting of the two seas", the Levant Sea and the Aegean Sea. Although the way to get there is quite long, being at the extreme south of the island, Prassonissi is a must during your Rhodes holidays.


Kolimbia Beach in Rhodes is located about 26 kilometers southeast of the city, not far from the village of Faliraki. It is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand, alternating in a few stretches, with some pebbles; the wide, slightly curved coastline makes the atmosphere relaxing.

Kolymbia is a beautiful beach, with incredibly blue and turquoise sea, ideal for snorkeling near the cliffs to protect the beach.

In addition to a convenient parking, the beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas; in the area there are several refreshment points. Kolymbia is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who choose Rhodes for the holidays nearby there are also very famous tourist villages.


Stegna-Beach_ (Beach_of_Arhangelos) _-_ panoramio

Photo ©, indalomania

At only 8 km south of Kolymbia, Stegna is the top beach of families during Rhodes holidays. From the panoramic road, you will have a fantastic view from above, across the bay. Beautiful and really incredible.

Beautiful and well equipped beach, with so many showers scattered everywhere, bars and taverns. The water temperature is higher than average, and the water is very low, ideal for the little ones. The whole area has parking areas.

Rhodes, like all of Greece, must be lived and turned according to its own rhythms and, above all, its tastes. Those just listed, are but some of the beaches on the island. Turning, it will not be difficult to find bays, coves and even more beautiful expanses!

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