Reykjavik is the Capital of Iceland, a country that apparently, also due to its proximity to Greenland; seems to have ice and nothing more, actually just visiting it you can admire an infinitely suggestive place that will enter your hearts.

Intellectuals, historians and travelers, but also Travel Blogger, have said that Iceland and Reykjavik in particular have a soul on fire; at least as much as the volcanoes on this island.

Iceland is a wonderful country, you will be enchanted by natural beauties, to welcome you, a very hospitable people, with a strong and proud character, who love life and have fun until late at night.

Reykjavik by day it is very quiet, the activities are many; Kanoa recommends walking around it, amidst the colorful houses and avant-garde buildings; you can also take part in the many tours that depart from the capital to discover this fantastic island.

In the evening instead, there is something for all tastes, the city center, offers many leisures, from pubs to clubs, in short, a city of ice but with a fire inside nothing bad ... the Icelanders? exquisite people who love nature and have fun in any way!

Moreover, if you visit Reykjavik, you can attend one of the most incredible natural shows of your life ... the Aurora Borealis!

How to get

Keflavik International Airport (pictured above) is Iceland's main airport and is located approximately 50 km from the capital Reykjavik.

The flag carrier Iceland Air operates with daily and weekly connections to both Europe and the United States Atlantic coast.

Iceland Air connects Italy from the cities of Milan and Bologna, with flights that stop in London, Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

Alternatively, you can reach Iceland with the company SAS (Scandinavian) with a technical stopover in Oslo in Norway.

From Keflavik airport you can reach the capital Reykjavik with the efficient bus service of the FLYBUS company.

Duration of the trip about 40 minutes and cost for round trip about 20 €, we recommend for detailed info to visit the official website:

Iceland also has another, less used and important airport in Keflavik; but very close to the capital of the country (2km) in reality this port is used for some charter or private flights.

Reaching Iceland by sea

In Iceland you can also arrive by boat, although you have to reach the city of Bergen (Norway); times and costs may not be "good friends"; but in our opinion it will be very exciting to reach the Icelandic town of Seyðisfjörður, maybe with a car in tow, by sea!

Official website of the shipping company:

When to go to Reykjavik

Iceland in general is a cold and rainy country due to the latitude, the southern coastal resorts are a little less cold due to the Atlantic currents; in this case the capital is interested in it.

In our opinion, the best time of the year to visit Reykjavik; it goes from May to September, also from the 20 May to the 20 July, you could attend the White Nights; event that attracts thousands of onlookers.