Getting around in Rapperswil by bike, bus, car and on foot. Info and advice.

Getting around in Rapperswil

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With a rather small and collected center, Rapperswill is ideal for walking. Maybe, slowly, through alleys and narrow streets, looking for suggestive shots.
The bike is a rather popular medium in these parts, ideal for moving around in Rapperswil and throughout the region. Alternatively, for longer distances, you can use buses


The two-wheeler is the preferred means by the Swiss and by the many tourists who travel around the city. A comfortable and "eco friendly" and not particularly expensive. Moreover, numerous electric and pedal assisted bicycles are available. Recommended for moving around Rapperswil and along the Lake Zurich areas.
Not far from the port, you will find some agencies to rent your bike. You can choose according to your tastes and offers.

Getting around in Rapperswil


Several lines are located in Rapperswil Jona. The service is operated by the Linthbus Switzerland which provides connections to numerous destinations on the Swiss Lake.
In total, 12 lines circulate, each identified by a different number and color. 3 lines depart from Rapperswil.

La line 621 follow the itinerary for Jona and Industrie Busch.
La line 622 for Eschenbach and Wattwill.
La line 623 for Uznach and Ricken. Also perform night service.

Getting around Rapperswil by bus is recommended only if you need to cover medium-haul distances. Tickets can be purchased directly by bus.


Getting around Rapperswil by car is hardly feasible. The center, mostly pedestrian, is ideal to be visited on foot. The main places of interest are concentrated in a short radius.

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