Rapperswil Jona. How to get from Zurich by boat and train. Cost info


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The city of roses!

On the shores of Lake Zurich is reflected this charming and charming town, ideal for an escape of one or more days from the capital.

Rapperswil-Jona is a picturesque city, with a beautiful old town, and places that offer truly striking views. On all, the beautiful hill from which the Castle stands, offering a fantastic view of the city and the lake.

A particularly popular destination for bikers and families, it offers notable attractions and points of interest. Besides the castle and the medieval city, Rapperswil is renowned for its beautiful roses. There are more than 16000 varieties that, from June to October, bloom in the rose gardens of the Cappuccini Monastery.
Also worthy of note are the Christmas markets, among the most interesting in the country. Atmosphere and suggestion, where tradition and romantic medieval charm meet.

Rapperswil Jona


Zurich, and its international airport, It is the starting point to reach the beautiful town, also ideal for a day trip out of town.
Train, car or a fascinating journey by boat. There are several options available to you. Let's start with the most suggestive, of course.


Lake Zurich is fascinating all year round. The glance over the city and the riverfront is really fantastic and evocative. Equally, it is to arrive after a crossing of about 4 hours in Rapperswil.

Arriving by boat is recommended if you want to stay at least one night in the city. As indicated, in fact, the journey takes 4 hours. To travel you will have to buy an integrated ZVV - ALL ZONE ticket for 26CHF per adult and 13CHF for children.


The train is the recommended solution for a day trip to Rapperswil. The train station is located in the city center, not far from the ferry terminal.
From Zurich Central Station, it takes about 35 minutes to get to your destination.
Also in this case, you have to buy the integrated transport ticket valid for all areas. FREE with the Zürich Card.


Not recommended. Unless your journey on the road does not contemplate a passage in the area, then continue elsewhere.
As a simple stopover from Zurich, the car is not recommended. You will also need to provide you with the appropriate Vignette to circulate.

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