Top insurance

Top insurance

In the tangled panorama of travel insurance, it is very difficult to get out, because choosing the insurance company could be a very difficult undertaking! In this regard we want to bring to the attention of our users, the insurance company ERV. In our opinion, one of the Top insurances.

Leaders in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and other countries, ERV International is part of ERGO Insurance Group, which operates in more than 30 Paes, mainly in the non-life, health and social security sectors. ERGO is in turn part of the Munich Re Group, one of the largest reinsurers in the world, which, with approximately 45.000 employees, develops revenues of over 49 Billions of Euros (2011) boasting among its customers the largest insurance groups in the world .

The strengths: a

365 multivoteIn fact, it is a practical and safe annual travel insurance, not bulky but available as often as needed.

A flexible policy that assists you in the event that you have to face medical or hospital expenses, medical visits, purchase of specific drugs. It covers events such as the theft or loss of baggage, the cancellation of the trip, provides for reimbursement up to 100.000 € for damages caused to people, animals, things.

Like all other ERV policies, "365 Multivision" provides many extra options to make your movements more relaxed and carefree. Family home assistance, home emergency assistance, vehicle assistance. Cancellation and trip interruption. Flight package. Baggage and first necessity purchases with reimbursement in case of theft, loss, damage, delayed delivery of the baggage ... and so much more.

With ERV your trips are safe 365 days a year.

If you are close to a holiday, do not hesitate any further and take the opportunity to make a TOTALLY FREE and ANONYMOUS quote in a few minutes.

Many of us have well impressed in the mind, a journey in particular, and almost always does not count the value of the destination, but the emotions experienced. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same about holidays that remember as the worst ever experienced. Indeed, as experiences so negative as to be traumatic.
For this reason, Kanoa invites you to ALWAYS stipulate a top insurance before leaving; whatever the reason for your trip (pleasure, study, work) or the duration (even a simple weekend).

So, all that remains is to wish you a good trip from with

Top insurance

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