Granada. How to get there by car, train, and plane via Malaga. Practical info


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A city ... monunental.

Arriving in the Andalusian city, one has almost immediately the idea of ​​being in front of something unique; something magical. And indeed, Granada is just that. Incredible and wonderful encounter of different cultures, Granada is a truly fascinating and suggestive city.

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, on a hill of about 150 meters, stands the most sumptuous and incredible testimony of Arab art and architecture, namely the Alhambra. The real symbol of the city. Not even the Catholic Kings Isabella and Ferdinando could remain impassive in the face of so much beauty.

But the Alhambra, and the many monuments present, are just some of the reasons why it is worth going to the South of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to an excellent gastronomic offer, some of the best beers from all over Spain are produced here. The Cervezas Alhambra brand is the testimony.

So, get ready to experience a fantastic holiday in wonderful Andalusia.




The Federico Garcia Lorca airplane, is a small international airport, located only 17 km from the city. However, direct connections are limited to a few destinations. More info on our official page.

Anyone wishing to get to the city by plane, can find in Malaga Costa del Sol, the ideal solution. This is the closest international airport to the city, which is about 135 kilometers away. From the airport, the ALSA-operated bus connects Granada in just over two hours. The bus stop is at the arrivals T3 Terminal. You can choose between the direct route, and the mixed route with stops, among other things, to Vilanueva, Salinas, and Cuesta de la Palma. Tickets can be purchased on board and cost 13,72 € (direct) and 11,73 € (mixed). All the info on the airport, from this link.

Obviously, times are noticeably shorter with the car. A good solution is, of course, to opt for car hire from Malaga airport or from Seville airport.


La Estacion de Granada, is the only railway station in the city. From here, every day, RENFE guarantees medium and long-haul connections to the main Iberian destinations. Every day, 4 links from Seville to Almería, passing through Granada; three daily connections to Algeciras. From here, moreover, trains leave for Madrid-Atocha e Barcelona-Sants.

The new modernization plan includes High Speed ​​and a connection to the city's Metropolitan Line. The new railway system will be titled Mariana Pineda.


Madrid, located almost perfectly north of the city, is just over 400 kilometers, most of which can be traveled on the highway. The distances from Barcelona are very different: almost 900 kilometers. Coming from the Catalan city, we pass through Valencia, distant, instead, 500 kilometers by car.

The most important French cities on the border are about 1200 kilometers. The Portuguese Lisbon, however, is 700 kilometers.

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