Best Beaches of Paros

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Practical information, guide and how to get to the best beaches of Paros

It is, without a doubt, for the sea, that you choose to spend your holiday on the beautiful Greek island. In Paros, you will find beautiful beaches, bays and inlets, suitable for all tastes and needs.
Here, below, some of the best beaches in Paros, based on location.


The capital, and the surrounding area, contains some of the most popular beaches of Paros. The reason is mainly due to ease in travel, and the short distance. For those looking for the most evocative beaches, we recommend moving from the capital.

Krios Paros

Photo ©, Pierre LANNES


With a picturesque walk, you can reach the beautiful Orthodox chapel and, later, the ruins of an old lighthouse. All with an adjoining view of the bay and the beach, with a truly wonderful sea.
Absolutely not to be missed during your holiday.


Located in the center, and for this, one of the most crowded beaches of Paros. It is the favorite place of the boys and of all those who wanted to move especially on foot.
In the area, there are numerous bars and taverns, areas equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and free beach.


Not far from the center of Parikia, lies KRIOS Beach Camping, where lies this beautiful stretch of sand, well protected by the Meltemi.
Reachable in about 15 minutes of walking on foot from the center.



Photo ©, Marco Assini

The area east of Parikia is considered the real paradise for lovers of windsurfing and water sports. It is also the area that offers some of the most beautiful beaches of Paros.


North of Naoussa, a beautiful inlet, with a beautiful sea that offers really fantastic colors. In our opinion, the Paros beach is better for children, for the shallow water and because it is optimally sheltered from the wind.
From here, you can follow different paths in the Park and reach more intimate bays.
In high season it is quite crowded


Lageri is really beautiful, evocative and wild, often a destination for naturists. A beautiful beach, quite secluded and less frequented by tourists. The sea is really beautiful.
Keep in mind that the beach is not fully equipped and, therefore, advised to bring a good supply of water. And food.
It rises north of Naoussa.

A few kilometers further south, Dionisos Beach, offers an even more intimate and peaceful environment. You will not find anything except a beautiful sandy cove and a really beautiful sea.
Here too, naturism is practiced quite widespread.


Kolymbithres beach, paros

Photo ©, Kostas Limitsios

Probably one of the best beaches in Paros. Our advice is not to stop at the main beach, where small boats arrive from the port of Naoussa. The whole area is a succession of small bays and inlets, with white rocks that dive into the sea.
You will find numerous equipped beaches, or small coves. You simply have to choose the one that best suits your needs.
Some areas, with a particularly low sea bed, are perfectly suitable for families with children.
You can reach the bay, through a paved path, from Naoussa, or, more easily, by boat from the port of the village.


Those who like to sit on a table, have fun with music, dance, have a drink ... probably they will find their natural habitat in Punda Beach.
It is one of the most popular beaches in Paros, among young people.
Super organized beach, with a beach bar and an adjoining swimming pool, where you can spend at least half a day. And even your own evening.
Among the beaches of Paros not to be missed during your holiday.


A long stretch of golden sand, a true paradise for windsurfers. Sun, sea, wind and waves, in a truly evocative setting, with the islets of Dryonissi and Prassonissi to frame.
Among the most popular beaches of Paros, it is easily accessible.
It is located south of Punda Beach, about 15 km from Naoussa.


The southern area is the least frequented of the island. Precisely for this reason, here you will find the quieter and relaxing Paros beaches. But not for this, less beautiful.
Some suitable for children. Others for those who practice naturism or those seeking peace.
Here, below, some beaches of Paros, located south of the capital.


A beautiful bay with crystal clear water and a sandy seafront. Optimally sheltered from the Meltemi, it is particularly suitable for families and children thanks to its backdrop that slopes very gently.
Rather quiet, it is, in our opinion, among the best beaches in Paros for families.


Beach really beautiful, quiet and wild, surrounded by many tamarisks that offer natural shade.
Composed primarily of stones, it is ideal for those seeking tranquility.
Not particularly equipped, with really beautiful and crystalline water.
In the area you will find a great tavern.


Farangas Beach Paros

Photo ©, Kostas Limitsios

Superb inlet, south of Parikia, set between Aliki and Tripiti.
A beautiful Beach bar, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, with good music, really beautiful sea and crystal clear water.
Parking is available outside.

Not far from Faragas, there is another beautiful bay in the small village of Tripiti.
The beach in Tripiti is not particularly large, nor very crowded. Also in August. You arrive, in fact, through a path, after having traveled a dirt road. Arriving by car, bear in mind that there is no difficulty in parking.
The beach is sandy, the sea is really wonderful, with beautiful games of color.
Sometimes, it is frequented by nudists.

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