The Places of Paros

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The best places in Paros: Parikia, Naoussa, Paros Park and much more

The island of Paros, by many, is considered the gateway to the Cyclades.

Really beautiful, with wonderful beaches, fantastic sea and lots of places.


White and blue are the dominant shades of Parikia, the capital of the island. Without a doubt, one of the places in Paros where you will spend most of your afternoons and evenings.

A really beautiful and charming village. We advise you to get lost among the wages alleys, among beautiful lime-colored houses, with flowered balconies and bougainvilleas all around. Shops, taverns, and beautiful views. Here, you only walk on foot. And it's really a pleasure.

To see the port, lively and particularly lively and, above all, the beautiful village with narrow streets and paved. Right here, the marvelous Panagia Ekatontapiliani, represents the top among the places of Paros. Also known as the Church of the 100 doors, it stands at the end of the square from which the port is accessed.

Beautiful, imposing, and majestic, dates back to the fourth century, and is one of the most beautiful churches of all the Cyclades. They are visible frescoes, iconostasis and numerous icons, and a cruciform bath for diving. For a visit to the small adjoining museum, and to the oldest structure of the whole temple (Agios Nikolaos), you pay the ticket from 2.00 €.

The church is open from morning until evening. Beautiful and evocative after sunset, all lit up.

The Archaeological Museum is one of the must-see places in Paros, as well as one of the most important museums in Greece due to its exhibitions. Contains numerous artifacts including a Nike 470 ac, the marble statue of the Gorgon, or, an ancient monster that petrified people. And, again, mosaics, sarcophagi, Cycladic figures, amphorae and much more.

The museum, founded in 1960, is divided into three large areas and contains many finds from the excavations of Paros and Antiparos. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 08: 00 to 15: 00. Closed on Monday.
The entrance fee costs 2.00 € per person.

Walking through the narrow streets of the village, you reach the ancient Venetian Kastro, of which only ruins remain. Not to be missed for the nearby, picturesque, Agios Konstandinos and the beautiful view.

The same you can enjoy arriving at Agia Anna, at the end of a long walk after leaving the port.



Photo, 2012 Bgabel

Naousa is an old fishing village, which became, in a few decades, the tourist center of the island. Hotels, and buildings, have distorted the character and its uniqueness.

Despite this, Naoussa is one of the places of Paros to see. In front of the lively port, we recommend a visit to the 15th century Venetian Kastro. From here, remarkable sight. Naoussa, moreover, is renowned for its excellent cuisine, with fresh fish, which you can savor in one of the many taverns present.

If you were to be in Paros, after mid-August, do not miss the festivities of the Pirate party.


North of Naoussa, at the very tip of the island, Paros Park is one of Paros's most picturesque places. A unique landscape. A truly wonderful view. And three fantastic hiking trails to pristine beaches, unique places and breathtaking landscapes.

The first itinerary is Monastery Aï Yannis - Alonaki - Lighthouse. The travel time is about 45 minutes. The second path, Catholicos Beach - Lighthouse Korakas, runs in about 25 minutes. Magnificent views from the lighthouse across the Aegean. The third path goes from Catholico Beach to Tourkou Ammos and Almyros; travel time is 50 minutes.
It is recommended to meet in the early morning or late afternoon: the sun beats rather loudly. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

From June to October, moreover, in the amphitheater a rich program of events awaits you. The Paros Park Festival awaits you with performances, shows, concerts. The genres are quite varied: classical music and even rock. And, moreover, cinema and feature films. There really is everything.


If you are on holiday with your family, Aqua Park is the must-see stop in the places of Paros.

From Naoussa, proceed in the direction of Livadia and, subsequently, Kolimbrites. In the latter village, among other things, you can take advantage and make a stop in one of the many taverns. Not far away is Aqua Park.

Fun attraction for the whole family. There are 13 water slides with a pool that end at sea. Slides for children and many activities to do. Do not have high expectations, especially if you are used to large water parks. Anyway, recommended.

Open from June to September, from 11: 00 to 18: 00. The adult ticket costs 12.00 €. Reduced, for children from 3 to 10 years, costs 10.00 €. Free for children up to 3 years old.


The art and folklore of the Cyclades relive, in a fascinating and suggestive way, in a splendid museum, near the village of Aliki.

A truly enjoyable and relaxing visit, in a unique setting, among olive trees and amarants. This incredible museum is the result of the talent of an artist who has created fantastic miniatures in a meticulous way.

Inside, you can admire warships, merchant ships and fishing boats, steam ships, sailboats, a shipyard, and the ancient ship of Kirinia. These are exact replicas of the originaliz models

In the courtyard, you can admire the monastery of the Virgin Mary Hojoviotisa of Amorgos, the Virgin Mary of Tinos, the torpedo boat "ELLI", the Venetian Kastro of Parikia, the first café of Paros, the famous ancient theater of Milos, the temple of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, and much more. The Museum is open every day, from the 01 May to the 30 September, from the 08: 30 to the 14: 30.


Seminars, activities for all tastes, oriental-Thai cuisine. TAO's Center is the ideal place to meditate and relax the mind, body and spirit. Among the most unusual places of Paros, ideal for a day in absolute sensory peace.

Excellent cuisine, clean and extraordinary view. It is located south-east of Naoussa, reachable only by own means of transport.


Two small villages far from the tourist flows. Two places in Paros where to breathe more genuine atmospheres, and to escape the crowds of the busiest months.

You can stroll through narrow alleys and enjoy beautiful views of the areas below.

Lefkes is located at 12 kilometers southeast of Parikia. Marpissa, however, is about 18 kilometers from the capital.

Of course, among the places of Paros not to be missed, you can not miss Antiparos. All the info from this link.

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