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The infinite fun of Rainbow is all year round thanks to discounted rates and active promotions on the official website.


You can choose the best offer according to your needs. You can choose between different options, all extremely advantageous.


To experience the magic of Rainbow Magicland for a day. You can choose between different types:

  • Ticket FIXED DATE: extremely advantageous. You choose the exact date on which you arrive, and you buy the ticket with discounted prices starting from 24.00 € per adult, and 19.00 € reduced. It is not refundable
  • Ticket OPEN: a ticket to go to the Park on a day of your choice according to the opening calendar. Costs 35.00 € per adult and 29.00 € reduced.
  • Finally, the ticket EVENING allows access to the park from 18: 00 to 11.00 € only.

For families, however, there are special ultra-affordable packages. The package X3 FAMILY, at the cost of 64.00 €, allows entry to the Park on any day of the year, for two adults and one boy up to 14 years. With the package X4 FAMILY, access to the park at the cost of 79.00 € two adults and two boys. 2 adults and 3 children, with the X5 FAMILY package, pay 99.00 €.

The boys over one meter in height, up to 14 years can take advantage of REDUCED RATE.

Children up to one meter in height DO NOT PAY.
You can buy your ticket through this link.

SUBSCRIPTION: you enter the Amusement Park as often as you want (depending on the Calendar), allowing you to also get a reduction on restaurants and shops. Costa 54.90 € in the silver version and 59.90 € in the gold version with parking always free.


Surely the ideal solution for all those who arrive in Rome Valmontone and are willing to spend more than just a day. At a discounted rate you can book the hotel that best suits your needs. The choice is really wide: from the neighboring Pomezia, Torvajanica, to the most central solutions of Rome. Prices starting from 45,00 € per person for one night at the hotel and two days at the park.

At Kanoa, always attentive, we underline how the offers in question are serious and truthful. You will find REAL offers from 45,00 € per person; obviously, you will have to settle (!) for a structure that is not central.
Click here to choose your hotel.


Rainbow Magicland is open all year. Times vary depending on the schedule and any shows.

In summer, the park is open from 10: 00 to 18: 00, while in winter, from 10: 00 to 17: 00. In the case of shows, the closing is postponed to 23: 00, 00: 00 and even to 02: 00 at night, according to the calendar.

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