Yucatan - Attractions Rainbow MagicLand
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Rainbow Magicland it is a park suitable for all ages. In this section you will find a list of all the attractions, classified by type. From games suitable for children, to those adrenalitic, suitable for the biggest and most daring. For each attraction, the height and minimum age are indicated.


Yucatan - Attractions Rainbow MagicLand

Photo ©, Dibilele

Games room, car track, carousel, roller coaster, waterfalls and .... much more. Twelve attractions suitable for the whole family. To have fun all together and to experience the magic of Rainbow Magicland Rome Amusement Park. Are you curious? Click on the single attraction to see the official link with the full description and video:

  • ARCADE: challenge yourself to video games. Every season, a new protagonist game at Rainbow Magicland (for everyone).
  • FLYING ISLAND: at over 50 meters in height, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the entire park (for everyone).
  • CARS FORMULA: an incredible circuit with electric racing cars that compete in a typical South West American village. Do not miss if you loved the movie Cars (minimum age 3 years).
  • PIANETA WINX: aboard the magical leaves, you will see the enchanted country of the legendary Winx. For children and girls of all ages (minimum height 95cm, minimum 4 years).
  • BUMBLEBEE: the roller coaster on board the cheerful monster. Suitable for the whole family and those suffering from height and vertigo (minimum height 95cm, minimum 4 years).
  • MAISON HOUDINI: less 16 meters, a Mad House that will make you go upside down. Play with the force of gravity, height and emptiness in the house of the legendary Houdini (minimum height 120cm, from 90cm, enter only if accompanied).
  • CASTLE OF ALFEA: play Magiclandia or enter the Magic Shop; you can explore new stories in the planetarium and also meet the Winx live (for everyone).
  • BATTLESHIP: a fight to the last spray of water on board of ancient oriental galleons. Guaranteed fun for the whole family (minimum height 95cm, minimum 3 years).
  • THE FLYING DUTCHMAN: chills and emotions on board these roller coasters. Climb with the ghost crew (minimum height 110cm, minimum 4 years).
  • HUNTIK 5D: the biggest 5D video game in all of Europe. You can challenge huge Minotaurs, Guardian Crocodiles among temples, castles and caverns (minimum height 90cm).
  • YUCATAN: a boat will take you through waterfalls, majestic climbs, shivering from the 15 meters high. And do not be afraid to get wet because, in the end, Hurricane awaits you (minimum height 120cm, minimum 5anni).
  • THE RAPID: climb aboard special boats that will take you on a path full of unexpected events. Staying dry will be the most complicated undertaking! (minimum height 120cm).


Panorama Attractions Rainbow MagicLand 001

Photo ©, Dibilele

Welcome to the kingdom of the little ones. Fairies, spiders, caterpillars, magical forests and enchanted places. Thirteen attractions Rainbow Magicland, designed for children from zero to 6 years. Fun for the whole family. Of each, a brief description and the official link.

  • PLAYGROUND: games and indoor fun designed for the little ones. The animators will follow your children from 0 to 6 years.
  • POPPALLA: travel aboard hot-air balloons in companies of cute and colorful fairies (minimum height 105cm, minimum 3 years).
  • MAGIC WHEEL: the Ferris wheel of the Pop Pixie fairies. View on the whole kingdom of the little ones (minimum height 105cm, minimum 3 years only accompanied).
  • FLYING CARS: climb up and down to the rhythm of music on the cars of the fairies (minimum height 105cm, minimum 4 years).
  • ARRAMPICATORRE: go up to the edge of the tower. Strength and energy will be necessary so as not to go back! (minimum height 105cm, minimum 4 years).
  • AT THE DISCOUNT: challenge yourself to the last clash, on board the little elves cars. The self-confrontation dedicated to children (minimum height 95cm, minimum 3 years).
  • POLARETTILANDIA: between dancing fountains and ice igloos, you will meet Polarmax and his friends around their refreshing city (with no height or age limit).
  • MAGIC TRAIN: a journey into the kingdom of the little ones, on board a colorful and fun train (without limits of height and age).
  • PIXIE RIVER: travel on the river in the Pixieville forest, between steep hairpin bends and hilarious splashes of water (minimum height 95cm, minimum 3 years).
  • CUPS CUPS: dance to the rhythm of music, on board teacups (minimum height 105cm, minimum 6 years).
  • RONNY IL RAGNO: swing up and down between the paws of the cute Ronny spider. Who says spiders scare? (minimum height 105cm, minimum 4 years).
  • AMERIGO: a magical ride aboard the nicest caterpillar there is. Fun for the whole family (minimum height 105cm, minimum 4 years).
  • CAROUSEL: the carousel with timeless charm. Let yourself be transported by music between carriages, horses and cups (without limits of height and age).


Shock - Attractions Rainbow Magicland

Photo, © diego

The realm of pure parenthood. Incredible roller coasters, lunch coaster and dark castles. Do not fail to make you throw in the air at 72 meters in height: you will even see Rome from above. Here are the attractions and official links from which to see incredible and adrenalitic videos. For the bravest

  • MYSTICA: an adrenalite launched into the void at over 70 meters in height. Impossible to touch the ground without screaming (minimum height 140cm, minimum 10 years).
  • CAGLIOSTRO: in the legendary Castle, you will experience the thrill of a rollercoaster that will make you go upside down. Will you keep your sense of orientation? (minimum height 120cm).
  • DEMONIA: the house of the Dark Lady. A horror house with werewolves, zombies, vampires, skeletons, mummies, cerberts and even exorcists (minimum height 130cm, minimum 10 years).
  • SHOCK: an incredible Russian mountain; one of Europe's most entertaining launchers, able to launch anyone from zero to 100 kilometers in 2 seconds (minimum height 130cm, minimum 8 years).

And, moreover, do not miss the Grand Theater, the Piccolo Teatro, the Planetarium and the Enchanted Bay. Many attractions for everyone. And above all, many services.

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