Embark on a journey to discover the wonderful Disneyland Paris complex. Below, our practical information Paris amusement park.


Practical information Paris theme park

Needless to say, the best time is from May to September. Obviously, it coincides with the period of greatest turnout. Result: interminable queues at each carousel; file to go to eat; higher prices. Christmas and New Year are equally full of crowds and with the point against the climate.
Then? Should you give up on bringing your children during this period? Absolutely not. Rather. May and September are, in our opinion, the best times, especially because it is not too hot, nor even less, you are forced to go on the attractions with the cold weather or the weather. Obtained the climate approval, we want to give you some valuable tips:

  • Choose to stay during the week, avoiding to spend the night on Sunday (more and more expensive). From Friday to Monday, the rates are always cheaper.
  • Booking well in advance, you can buy the flight separately, taking advantage of low rates of low cost companies (from Italy you'll be spoiled for choice to get to Paris);
  • Shuttles and private vehicles that take you from the Airport to the Park are generally quite expensive. Prefer RER, the excellent and efficient suburban subway, which has the PROPRIO stop inside the PARK, or the ultra-fast TGV
  • Often, half-board is the best solution, because not all restaurants are associated with Full Board and, above all, do not waste a meal if you want to take a trip to see Paris. You can hardly resist, having it so close and close at hand!
  • Always book attractions with FASTPASS, A FREE SERVICE, which allows you to book access without queuing. Here is the operation: next to each attraction there is a FASTPASS indication and a machine in which the park entrance ticket MUST be inserted for each person. The car will release a TICKET with the time you will have access to the attraction leaving you the time you will have available to do whatever you want. Return to the time indicated on the FASTPASS TICKET and in a few minutes you will be on the carousel!

As for the hotels, it is useless to give you further advice: there is something for everyone and, above all, for all budgets. The offer is really vast, and alternatives are not lacking. Marne la Vallée, for example, has a wide offer. On our booking engine, you can search for the most suitable hotel, if you do not want to stay inside the Park.


Three days and two nights, they could be enough. Especially in case you intend to spend as many in Paris. Keep in mind, however, that many of the facilities and special offers (unless you have booked the very first and luxurious hotels), require a stay of at least three nights. Do not despair: you can take advantage of one of these days to spend the afternoon and evening in the capital!


Disneyland Paris is open every day, all year round! During the winter month, both parks open at 10: 00 in the morning, while the closing time varies depending on the days of the week. Studios, in general, always close an hour earlier, between 18 and 19.