Presentation of the Paris amusement park

No name, currently, is more popular (especially among children) around the world. You say Disney and read fun.
Disneyland Paris, the Paris amusement park, is this, and much more; is (re) returning children, even if only for a couple of days. It is to watch the eyes of their children light up, in the presence of Mickey & Co; It is looking at their "princesses" to become full-fledged for a few days, walking inside a fairytale Castle ... It does not matter if the usual snobs come to fill us with sermons on the fact that it may be the place of consumerism; or the attempt to "Americanize" Europe, an attempt at cultural imperialism of this brand in France.
For better or for worse, Disney attracts. And if this is to make 3, 4 or more days spend together, THAT WELL WELL

The Paris amusement park, initially called EURO DISNEY, is an entertainment center located at 32 km east of the capital, exactly at Marne-la-Vallée. Euro Disney Resort and its theme park, Euro Disneyland, officially opened the 12 April 1992.
The structure consists of two theme parks: Disneyland Park e Walt Disney Studios Park. Outside, on the other hand, is the Disney Village, a complex of themed restaurants and shops for shopping, open until midnight and open access. And, again, a golf course and 7 official hotels. There are also well-3 railway stations, of which 2 RER (the Parisian suburban metro) and one TGV. How to say: nothing is missing.

The Paris amusement park, Disneyland Paris, needs no introduction; of the Park, attractions and accommodation offer, almost everything is available from the amount of information on the web and, of course, on the official website. We at Kanoa, we will try to insert those that, in our opinion, absolutely must be known.


Well, obviously the answer could be obvious. In reality it is not. If you are a couple, or with adult friends, and you are looking for Adrenalina, be sure that you will not find a lot, at least in the Disneyland park, which focuses more on special effects and theme attractions. Movieland, the other park, is certainly more adrenalitic.
If, however, you are with your children, especially children, Disneyland will surely leave them open-mouthed: the entrance, the main street with all the Disney shops, the Castle and, above all, the inevitable characters scattered everywhere; no one will remain indifferent, especially you, dear fathers and mothers, armed with a smartphone or camera, and ready to immortalize your little ones with a smile on their faces.

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