Panteleou Paros Airport

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Practical information, companies and Panteleou Paros airport connections

Panteleou Paros is a small domestic airport serving Paros, the Greek island of the Cyclades. The airport, recently built, is located south-west of the island, about 10 kilometers from the capital, Parikia.

Panteleou Paros airport, was inaugurated in 2016, replacing the old airport, a few kilometers away from here, dated 1982. The construction of the new building, and of the new runway, was necessary due to the increase in passenger traffic; and, obviously, the use of larger aircraft than the previous ones.

The airport, today, has a single, small Terminal, and a track, about 1400m long.

Here is the list of the main companies and the SEASONAL * direct connections with Panteleou Paros airport:

Astra Airlines: Athens, Graz, Thessaloniki.
Olympic Air: Athens (all year), Thessaloniki.
SmartWings: Prague.
Sky Express: Athens (all year), Crete-Heraklion.

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Panteleou Paros Airport - Аэропорт Парос - panoramio

Photo, 2011


The best solution to move from Panteleou Paros Airport, and reach your destination. You can book your car through this link. The search engine compares the best prices for you.


Outside the terminal, there are enough taxis waiting for you. Especially in high season. The taxi is ideal especially if you are traveling in a group. We suggest to agree, in advance, the amount to be paid. By now, almost all taxi drivers speak and understand English.

In case your distance should be high, you could get to Parikia by taxi and, from here, move by bus. From the capital, the connections are quite numerous, although not very frequent.


Many hotels in Paros offer a private transfer service to / from the airport. Sometimes, the option is offered for free. Make sure in advance, before booking your property.


You can reach the center of Parikia and the port by public buses. The service is offered by the Greek KTEL, however, due to the limited frequencies, it is not advisable.
Here, below, lines and timetables:

From Parikia. Monday and Tuesday, 08: 15, 14: 45.
Thursday, 08: 45. Sunday, 08: 45
From Punda Port. Monday and Tuesday, at 14: 30.

For Parikia. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 09: 05. Wednesday, 11: 45, 16: 45. Friday, 16: 45. Saturday, 09: 05, 14: 45
For Punda Port. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 09: 05.

* The list is subject to change.

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