Photo ©, Benreis

If you had planned an on-the-road trip to Austria, or simply were about to use the Austrian motorway, you should not forget to purchase the appropriate mark.

The so-called Vignette Austria is, in practice, a special mark (or stamp) prepaid, mandatory for all vehicles up to 3,5 tons of weight. This mark must also be purchased for the only crossing of a short Austrian motorway section.

So, even if Austria should not be the destination of your hypothetical on-the-road route, Vignette Austria will still be bought for the mere fact of having to cross the territory.

Vignette Austria is available in three types and costs vary depending on your vehicle.

  1. Annual (valid from the 1 December of the year preceding the 31 January of the following year). Costs 87.30 € for fimo vehicles to 3,5 tons and 34,70 for two-wheeled vehicles.
  2. Bimonthly (valid for two months from the day of the drilling). Costs 26.20 € for vehicles up to 3,5 tons and 13.10 for two-wheeled vehicles.
  3. 10 days (valid from 00: 00 of the drilling day to 24: 00 of the 9th following day). Costa 9.00 € for cars and 5.20 € for two-wheeled vehicles.

Vignette Austria

The motorway badge consists of two adhesive parts. The first, MUST BE STORED AND GLUED TO THE WINDSCREEN; the second, the lower heel, must be carefully preserved.


You can buy Vignette Austria in the following stores:

  • the Brennero motorway boundary;
  • service stations (also in the city or on motorway junctions);
  • the motorway toll booths A9, A10, A11, A13, S 16;
  • Austrian tobacconists.

IMPORTANT: the non-exposure of the mark is equivalent to the non-purchase of the same sticker. In case of control, you will be subject to a fine ranging from € 300,00 to € 3000,00!

Always remember to expose the Vignette Austria on the windshield of your car, so that it is clearly visible. In two-wheeled vehicles, the stamp must be glued to a stable and non-replaceable part.

The stamp must be MANDATORY validated at the point of sale. In case you have purchased the 10 days or 2 months version, the drilling is mandatory; the latter will verify the day and date of purchase.