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Vignette Switzerland

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To circulate on Swiss motorways and highways, you need to purchase the appropriate stamp, or Vignette Switzerland. This is a special pre-paid mark, mandatory for all vehicles up to 3,5 tons of weight. This mark must also be purchased only for the crossing of a short Swiss motorway section.

La Vignette Switzerland, unlike that Slovenian is that Austrian, is available exclusively in the annual version. This translates into incredible economic expenditure. The annual stamp, in fact, MUST BE PURCHASED also for the simple crossing of the Swiss territory.

In fact, it is not by chance that many people try to avoid crossing the Swiss territory by opting for alternative solutions.

Vignette Switzerland

Vignette Switzerland is valid for 12 months of the calendar year + December of the previous year + January of the following year. Costa 38,50 € for all motor vehicles, including trailers and caravans, up to 3,5 tons of weight. If a vehicle is towing a caravan, two markings must be purchased.

The Swiss motorway mark (photo above) is of adhesive type and must be glued directly onto the vehicle. On the cars, it should be glued on the windshield, on the left edge, or behind the rearview mirror. On trailers and two wheels, it should be glued on non-removable and clearly visible parts.


You can buy the Vignette Switzerland in the following points of sale:

  • Near the border with Switzerland, in all customs offices and motorway service stations;
  • Swiss post offices;
  • service stations and authorized Swiss garages;
  • the cantonal traffic offices.

IMPORTANT: the non-exposure of the mark is equivalent to the non-purchase of the same sticker. In the event of a control, you will be subject to a monetary sanction of 200CHF, in addition to the purchase of a Vignette! Keep in mind that the controls are quite frequent throughout the network.

Always remember to expose the Vignette Switzerland before entering a freeway or Swiss motorway. It will be your concern to ensure the correct display of the sticker on your vehicle.

THE BOLLY SHOULD BE GLUED WITHOUT THE AUSILIO OF SCOTCH OR TAPE. It can not be transferred from one vehicle to another.

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