To travel on Romanian motorways and national roads, you do not pay the toll on the basis of kilometers traveled. Instead, it is obligatory to purchase a special electronic toll, issued by the Companiei Nationale de Autostrazi si Deumuri Nationale din Romania (CNADNR). This is the so-called Rovinieta. It is from the 2010 that the mark has been replaced by this new electronic toll system.

The current ruinieta is, in any case, comparable, for example, to the classic Vignette Switzerland, as it provides for a lump sum payment depending on the vehicle and the period of validity. The rovinieta, as mentioned, is mandatory. Failure to purchase, in the event of control of the bodies in charge, may result in fines ranging from 250 lei to 500 lei for motor vehicles; from 750 her to 1.200 her for vehicles with MTT of 3,5 t; up to 4.500 for vehicles with MTT of 12 t per axle.



La Rovinieta can be purchased at border stations and at some Romanian petrol stations (recommended method). Alternatively, you can make a deposit at one of the many Romanian post offices.


La Rovinieta is calculated based on the type of vehicle and the period of use. The price is far from exorbitant; just think that for a week, the price is only € 3,00 for a car. Here, below, the price for vehicles of Category A (cars):

- 7 days: 3,00 Euro;
- 30 days: 7,00 Euro;
- 90 days: 13,00 Euro;
- 12 months: 28,00 Euro.

Validity starts from 00: 00 up to 23: 59. The coupon that is issued must always be brought with you, along with all the documents needed to circulate in Romania. On numerous national roads and highways, cameras are installed that check the number plates of the cars.

We remind you that for motorcycles (also equipped with sidecar), trikes and quads, YOU DO NOT ACQUIRE THE MARK.
Rates are inclusive of VAT.