Hungarian Electronic Stamp. Where to buy, type and price

Hungarian Electronic Stamp

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From 01 January 2017, except for certain free stretches, to circulate on the Hungarian road network, it is mandatory to buy the appropriate Hungarian Electronic Stamp. This mark is valid for all motorcycles, cars with their trailers, vehicles for goods transport with a maximum permissible mass not exceeding 3,5 t, campers, buses and their trailers.

Prices differ depending on the vehicle category. The toll category must be defined on the basis of the data (maximum permissible mass and the number of persons that can be transported) recorded by the authorities in the vehicle registration certificate. The number of people that can be transported must be indicated on the basis of the data (S.1 - number of seats, including that of the driver) recorded by the authorities in the vehicle registration document and not according to the number of seats currently in the car .

The Hungarian Electronic Stamp must be purchased BEFORE taking the paid road section. Validity starts from the moment of purchase.

Traveling without a valid electronic stamp on paid road sections, constitutes unauthorized use of the road and entails the payment of a fine. The same principle applies in the case in which you had to buy a stamp for a category that was not that of real ownership of the vehicle.

Hungarian Electronic Stamp



The Hungary Electronic Seal can be purchased at border crossings, petrol stations and authorized sales points along the road and motorway sections. Furthermore, it is possible to buy the cash on delivery online, through the following link.


The NATIONAL mark is available in two different denominations, and varies according to the category of your vehicle. Here below, the prices of the Hungarian National Electronic Stamp, valid for the D1 category (motorcycles, cars with maximum mass allowed not exceeding 3,5 t used for the transport of max 7 people - including the driver - and its trailer):

  • 10 DAYS: HUF 2.975
  • 1 MONTH: HUF 5.950


On the following FREE stretches of the Magyar road and highway network, it is NOT COMPULSORY to purchase the Hungarian Electonic stamp:

  • The stretch between the main road n. 1 and the M5 highway; The stretch between the M4 Expressway (referred to as Highway No. 4) and the M3 Expressway; The Megyeri híd bridge (the stretch between the main road No. 2 and the main road No. 11).
  • • The M31 Highway.
  • The southwest bypass of Pécs of the M60 motorway, between roads no. 58 and 5826.
  • The M8 Highway.
  • The stretch between the main road n. 6 and the main road n. 51 of the M9 Speedway.
  • The Kaposvár bypass of the M9 expressway (referred to as the Main Road No. 61).
  • The M4 Speedway (referred to as the Main Road No. 4) on the stretch between Vecsés and the road to Budapest International Airport.

The coupon that is issued must always be brought with you, along with all the necessary documents to circulate in Hungary. There is no lack of controls on the numerous national roads and highways.

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