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Practical info Dubai Burj Khalifa: how to get there, timetables and what to see


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One of the symbolic places of Dubai.
One of those places that should be seen, at least once in their life.
A skyline to say the least impressive, from which to enjoy a truly unique view

Who is looking for all this, and so much more, then he can not give up a visit to the Burj Khalifa. Better yet, buying the tickets with the "dawn entry option". Your experience can be considered truly incomparable.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

The building, completed in January of the 2009, represents, to date, with its 829 meters, the tallest skyscraper in the world, in front of the Japanese Tokyo Sky Tree and the Shangai Tower, in China. Khalifa is the name of the Emir of Abu Dhabi to whom the Tower was dedicated.

At the 124 and 125 floors, thanks to the presence of glass platforms throughout the area, your view can range to 360 degrees. A really impressive skyline. Do not miss the outdoor terrace, a fantastic place to take beautiful pictures. On the other hand, those who do not want to pay for expenses can (try to) reserve their table at the renowned at.mosphere; on the 122 floor, starred chefs, they will delight you with elaborate, truly unique dishes.

The visit to the Tower can not be considered complete, however, without having seen the spectacular system of fountains on the outside. At intervals of 30 minutes, you will witness spectacular sets with fountains that shoot water jets over 100 meters in height, illuminated by more than 6000 lights and 50 projectors. In the background, Arabic and international music.

Impressive also the lifts that, in a very short time, take you to your destination.

Burj Khalifa is an unmissable place during your holiday in the United Arab Emirates. You can buy tickets through this link, from the comfort of your own home.


Dubai Fountain

Through our special section, all the info to reach Dubai and to move around the city.


Burj Khalifa entrance, every day from 8.30 to 24.00. Entry allowed up to one hour before closing.
At the Top Entry: every 30 minutes
Prime: 16.30-18.00
Special entry at dawn: Friday and Saturday from 5.30 to 8.30 in the morning during the cooler months

The Dubai Fountain show takes place every day, from 18: 00 to 23: 00.


The Burj Khalifa is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It can be reached easily by public transport, using the efficient and rapid underground network. We go down to the homonymous stop.


You can buy a ticket to Burj Khalifa, from this link.

The best attractions and "experiences" for Dubai are available instead at a special price from this page.

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