Camp Nou Barcelona. Practical info, how to get there, what to show

Camp Nou Barcelona

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The Catalans, you know, are a people very tied to their origins and traditions. If you had to stop and chat for the Rambla with some locals, inevitably, you'll end up talking about how wonderfully beautiful Barcelona is. There Sagrada Familia Pedrera, Casa Battlò, Park Güell, the Olympic Port, Anton Gaudì .... Lionel Messi!
Yes, just him: the footballer! And, moreover, make a reason: Barcelona and football are an indissoluble binomial; so are Messi and Barcelona.

Someone is even convinced that the "Pulce" was not born in Argentina at all. Often, during the races in Spain, more than one person was seen cursing the CT of the Red Fury, guilty of not having called the NXXUMX Blaugrana in the national team !!! Messi: world heritage of humanity!

To visit the stadium of Barcelona FC could be, therefore, a good experience, even for those who do not like football; because Barcelona FC represents an entire region, a culture, and the proud identity of the Catalan population!

Camp Nou Barcelona

Moreover, there is talk of the only company that has always been present from the '55 to a European competition; and, above all, the only team that, in a single season (2008-2009), has been awarded 6 official trophies: Liga, Coppa Del Re, Champions League, European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup e FIFA World Cup for Clubs. In these parts they call it the sextuple. You have the opportunity to tread the pitch of the legendary Camp Nou and visit the museum set up inside; from this link you can buy the ticket entryalefila for the complete TOUR, at the price of 25 €.



The Camp Nou, Barcelona's official Stadium, is located at Avenida de Joan XXIII, not far from the city center. It is accessible by underground, getting off at the stop Maria Cristina or Collblanc. Getting around Barcelona by public transport is really simple and cheap.

Through this link, you can view the official guide of the city of Barcelona.


• From Monday to Saturday (from 4 April to 9 October) from 10: 00 to 20: 00 (you can take the tour of the stadium up to an hour before closing the museum). During the rest of the year the following timetable is in force: from 10: 00 to 18: 30.
• Sunday and public holidays from 10: 00 at 14: 30 (you can take the tour of the stadium up to an hour before closing the museum)

The Camp Nou Stadium Tour is not available on the days when the matches of Liga Spagnola and Champions League are played (in the latter case also the day before). In case a ticket was purchased for one of these dates, it will be possible to take the Barcelona FC stadium tour the day before or the day after the closing date.

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