Getting around Nuremberg with U-Bahn, S-Bahn, tram, bus

Move around Nuremberg

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The city's public transport system is operated by the German VAG (VerkehrsAG Nuremberg). Metro, tram, bus and even railway: moving around Nuremberg is rather simple; above all thanks to the integrated tariff system Verkehrsverbund Groβraun Nüenberg.

The network is modern and incredibly efficient.



Photo, 2012 Alexey Filin

The Nuremberg metro, U-Bahn it was officially inaugurated in the 1972. It consists of 3 plus several 2 "reinforcement" lines for a total of 36 line kilometers and slightly less than 50 stations.

The metro covers all corners of the city and nearby Furth, including Nuremberg Airport, the terminus of the U2 line. Thanks to the metro you can easily move between the city center and the suburbs, easily and quickly.

Here, in detail, the lines of the U-Bahn:

  • U1 Line, from the station Fürth Hardhöhe at the station Langwasser Süd.
  • Line U2, from the Flughafen / Airport station to the station Röthenbach. It is an entirely underground line.
  • Line U3, from Gustav-Adolf-Straße a Fiedrich-Ebert-Platz. It is the most recent, completely automatic line.

In addition to these, the U11 and U21 lines also exist. These are two lines of reinforcement to the 1 and 2 lines that make the same route for a number of smaller stations.

All lines pass through the stations of Plärrer e Central Station (Central Station).

The subway is active every day from Monday to Sunday from 05: 00 around midnight. Trains run frequently from 3 to 6 minutes during rush hours, and 10 minutes in the evening and early in the morning.


Within the city, it is possible to make transfers with the suburban railway S-Bahn, and the regional Deutsche Bahn trains. They are certainly a completion of the U-Bahn, already extremely efficient. There are 4 lines of the suburban railway and 12 the regional lines with which it will be possible to move around Nuremberg.


Move around Nuremberg

Five tramlines, for a total of 36 kilometers and over 70 stations. Trams are an extremely good solution for getting around Nuremberg. Each line is associated with a different color and a progressive number from 4 to 9. Here are the sections in detail:

  • 4 Line, Gibitzenhof - Thon
  • Line 5 Worzeldorfer Straße - Tiergarten
  • Line 6 Doku / Zentrum - Westfriedhof
  • Line 8 Tristanstraße - Erlenstegen
  • Line 9 Doku / Zentrum - Hauptbahnhof


Just under 80 bus lines allow you to move around Nuremberg and Furth. The rubber line is extremely efficient and can boast extremely modern means. Buses run from early morning until midnight, Monday to Sunday.

La line 36, from Plärrer to Doku-Zentru, is the most famous line of the city. It is a sort of Sightseer Bus, which crosses the historical center and the most important monuments of the city. In this way, you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the beauties of Nuremberg, at the cost of a simple ride.

In addition, the night service with Nightliner is active on weekends and the day before. In this case, the city boasts the presence of well-26 night lines. So, you can easily dedicate yourself to your nightlife without worrying about how to get back to the hotel!


Thanks to the integrated tariff system VGN - Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nuremberg, the same travel ticket can be used for buses, trams, underground trains, S-Bahn trains and regional trains. The ticket is valid for the Nuremberg and Fürth area.

For those who use the vehicles in an occasional manner, the ideal is the simple ticket; the latter is different depending on the number of stops to be made.

kurzstrecke, is a simple ticket for short distances: 2 metro stops, or 4 buses and trams. Costs 1.70 € for adults, and 0,80 € for children up to 14 years. If you are in 4, you can save something by buying the 4er-Ticket Kurzstrecke. It is a carnet consisting of 4 Kurzstrecke for as many people. Costa 5.80 € for adults and 2.90 € for children.

Single trip, is the simple racing ticket for LONG distances. It is valid 90 minutes for a round trip; it is possible to interrupt and resume the journey within the 90 ', provided that it continues in the same direction. Costs 3.20 € for adults and 1.60 € for children up to 14 years. If you are in 4, even in this case, you save by buying the 4er-Ticket Einzelfahrt. It is a carnet made up of 4 Einzelfahrt, for as many people. Costa 11.00 € for adults and 5.50 € for children.

TagesTicket Solo it's the individual day ticket. It costs 8.30 € and allows you to move around Nuremberg and Fürth in a day. Only if bought on Saturdays, it is also valid for the following Sunday with the 2 × 1 formula! Families can save money by buying the Tagesticket More. With this ticket, 2 adults and up to 4 under 18 can travel on all vehicles throughout the day. As for the TagesTicketSolo, if purchased on Saturdays, it is also valid for the whole following Sunday! Costa 12.30 €.

Mobicard it is, instead, the solution to be taken into consideration only in case of long vacations. It is a valid pass for 7 days and costs 26.70 €. Available in different options. For all the info and updates, we invite you to consult the official VAG website from this link.

Please note that tickets must always be validated before embarking on the journey. All tickets can be purchased at the vending machines located at the metro stops, railway; the sales points that display the VAG brand; online, on the official website; directly by bus.

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