Nuremberg. How to arrive by plane, train, bus and car. Practical info


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Christkindlesmarkt it is probably the most important name of the city. The famous Christmas market attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.

Christkindlesmarkt, however, is only one of the many jewels of this city. A city that, albeit with difficulty, has managed to get up from the bombardments of the war that profoundly devastated it. Today, almost perfectly reconstructed, it shows its enviable medieval architecture and the historical center inside the ancient fortifications. Museums, monuments, fairs, crafts; a holiday in Nuremberg will surely make everyone happy. Not just at Christmas!




Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg, is the airport of the city, located just under 7 km north of the city center. It is the second largest airport in Bavaria, after Munich, and one of the most important in the whole country. Opened in the 1955, today it is a hub for the airline Air Berlin, and is connected with direct flights to the main national destinations, and numerous European cities.

From this link, all the info on the airport are the companies that make direct connections.


The airport is well connected to the center. You can choose between bus and subway. There U2 line of the U-Bahn Nuremberg, recommended by us, connects the two terminus Airport (airport) e Röthenbach. In just under 15 minutes, you can reach the stops of Central Station e Opernhaus in the center. The metro station is located about 200 meters from the Arrivals terminal

Alternatively, 32 and 33 buses can be used; the stop is from the departures terminal. Whichever option you choose, you must provide yourself with an "Einzelfahrt" ticket for 90 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the airport ticket machines; costs, full 3,00 € and reduced (6-14 years) 1,50 €. If you were in 4, with the 4er-Ticket, you will get 4 tickets at the cost of 10,50 €.


Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof It is the Central Railway Station of Nuremberg, the largest in northern Bavaria. It serves numerous Intercity-Express, InterCity and EuroCity trains, providing connections to many national and European destinations.

Night lines allow you to reach Copenhagen, Moscow, Prague, Vienna and more. From Italy, to reach the city, you must necessarily stop in Munich.


With Flixbus you can travel by modern and comfortable buses, reaching the German city in 8 / 10 hours. Extremely cheap prices: the rates for Milan - Nürnberg start at just under € 30,00. Prices are subject to availability and times. We recommend booking in advance to get the best deal. The night bus is really good and comfortable: you leave at night, and you arrive at your destination early in the morning; in this way you earn a whole day!


Just 160 kilometers, separate the city from Munich. From Berlin, on the other hand, there are about 450 kilometers, most of which on the motorway section. The latter is known for its efficiency and, above all, for being free. From Vienna, in Autrsia, you have to travel about 500 kilometers to get to your destination; from Zurich, however, the distance is about 750 kilometers. Please note that also for the transit only, in Switzerland and Austria it is compulsory to purchase the appropriate item cartoons.

The fastest and most economical way to reach Nuremberg from Milan is via Innsbruck and Munich. In this way, avoiding the shortest route to Switzerland, you avoid the payment of the expensive "vignette" Helvetic. They are about 730 kilometers, of which, over 700 on highway section.

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