Flying Low Cost

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Flying Low Cost

Flying Low Cost

What is the best time to travel?
When is it possible to book a flight at the cheapest price?
How long do you have to book an online flight?

If you are beset by all these questions, then you are in the right place! Flying Low Cost is the solution to all these dilemmas. With the maximum transparency and objectivity, we will try to give you some simple tips in order to get the best price.

Fly low cost, without sacrificing quality.

First of all, as already dealt with, we must avoid avoiding the Dynamic Pricing. In practice, this is the increase in tariffs for everything for which we show interest. Through this link, all the kanoa info on this topic.

There are, then, a series of statistics that opportunely compared, offer unequivocal results. There are many search engines, such as Expedia, to be taken as a reference.

November is the best month to book. Whether they are short or long-haul flights, you can save almost 20% by booking your holiday in November. In February, however, the best prices for domestic flights. On the other hand, August is by far the most expensive month to fly. And, on this, probably a few had doubts. In addition to flights, the price increases also in accommodation facilities; the prices increase, sometimes, even more than 20%, touching the peak if you book your holiday a few days in advance!

How long do you have to book your flight? Generally, for short or medium-haul flights, booking with 2 months in advance you get the best rate. Four months before departure, however, they are the ideal time to book your long-haul flight.

Obviously, if your intent is to fly low cost, just a few simple steps are enough. And especially, be flexible. In the search for the flight, it is often enough to move the reservation for just one day, in order to save money. Avoid, if possible, the hold baggage. Especially if your holiday is reduced to a couple of days. Low cost airlines apply surcharges from 30 to 55 € for each hold baggage or excess kg! Ask in advance about the free baggage allowance; there are, in fact, some companies that allow carrying on board (within the limits of the allowed measures) hand luggage from 10kg.

Do you travel often? It is useless to make single travel insurance. With a simple ANNUAL INSURANCE, you are covered for 365 days in the entire solar arc regardless of the flights you make.

And again, many companies apply additional costs to reserve your place. Remember that if you are traveling with children THEY ARE WASTED MONEY. In almost all cases, for families with babies, priority boarding and a seat are always reserved, as are the disabled.

From this link, you can buy your flight AT THE LOWEST PRICE!

Remember, you can always get the maximum quality and efficiency and ... fly low cost!

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