Safe traveling

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Travel safe

You may experience a severe form of dysentery in New Delhi or dislocate an ankle by dancing in Barcelona. Did you hit corals while doing Snorkeling in Sharm el Sheik? Did you hire a car in New York but you hit a taxi and banged your head and needed expensive medical bills?
All right, they are catastrophic forecasts, but represent, however, the reasons why it is actually worthwhile to take out travel insurance.

Our advice is to leave without worries, protecting the investment of a long-awaited trip, simply by paying an insurance premium that, in some cases, compared to the cost of the trip, could be ridiculous. Travel Safe.
Many of us have well impressed on the mind, a journey in particular, and almost always it does not count the value of the destination, but the emotions experienced. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same about holidays that remember as the worst ever experienced. Indeed, as experiences so negative as to be traumatic.
For this reason, invites you to sign up ALWAYS insurance before leaving, whatever the reason for your trip (pleasure, study, work) or the duration (even a simple weekend).
And in such a vast panorama how to extricate oneself? There are endless companies, but we invite you to choose the best, which, moreover, does not mean the most expensive .... rather!

The 1 number for ?? Allianz Global Assistance, without any doubt. The only one that really allows you to travel safely and without worries.
Click below for a quick and FREE estimate without obligation:

Extremely low prices, starting from 5,50 € and a super offer:

  • TRAVEL CARE, for safe trips up to 45 days, starting from 30 €;
  • TRAVEL STUDENT, dedicated to children under 30;
  • TRAVEL LONG STAY, for safe journeys lasting over 45 days;
  • TRAVEL BUSINESS, a "tailor-made" policy for business travel, starting from € 35;
  • TRAVEL CANCEL, for reservations without thoughts;
  • EURO CITY WEEKEND, our favorite, a complete insurance for weekends in Europe, starting from 12,50 €;
  • TRAVEL FLY, the policy starting from just 5,50 € for flight accidents!

There is always time to travel safe, stipulating the right travel insurance. Recall that the quote commits you less than a minute, it is completely free and can be saved to be viewed in the future.
In addition to being a brand of reliable reliability, with Allianz you can take out policies for all tastes and budgets, also protecting your car, motorbike, home and even your mobile phone!
Have a good trip from and always remember to .... travel safe!

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