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Turists india


These are the words of the Indian Minister of Tourism, amidst the amazement of the media around the world, the words come to warn all Western and non-Western tourists who go to the beautiful India.

India is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, for culture and history has a lot to give to those who travel, the population, curious but welcoming, not to mention the places of worship, including the Taj Mahal or the Fort Agra's red, Humayun's Tomb, Hari Mandir's Golden Temple, but also cities like New Dheli, Mumbai contain a heritage that is perhaps unique in the world.

Now we come to the sore point of a country, which sees the woman in an unfavorable condition and often placed far below the Indian man, a very severe culture, light years away from the condition of the Western woman but in general around the world .

For several years, in the capital of New Dheli, but also near major tourist sites such as the Taj Mahal, abuse and violence against foreign women are perpetrated, as well as by local women.

A recent statistic indicates that in this country, every year the "reported" rapes are about 30.000, most of the abuses are domestic, but not only, recently many tourists alone or in the company of their man have suffered these atrocious violence .

And here the recommendations of the Minister of Tourism find the reason, pushed by the local media over a substantial drop in visits in the last year in India, the Government has created a Vademecum for visiting women in this country.

We know very well, that each country has its uses, customs, customs, over a behavioral code, which often must be respected, but in our opinion the risk is quite high, so we recommend following the recommendations of the Indian Government.

In the city of Agra where there is the Taj Mahal, UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, visited every year by millions of tourists, a brochure is provided in which the recommended behaviors for tourists are listed.

"Foreign tourists in India"

In this booklet, it is mainly not recommended for women to go out late at night, not to wear skirts or skimpy dresses, also if you take a taxi, the Government recommends photographing the taxi number plate and sending it to a friend instantly.

In practice "In this kit there is written what they must and should not do" said the minister explained the Minister.

India is a wonderful country with an ancient culture and unique landscape beauties, we at Kanoa recommend to all tourists (women) a lot of caution, especially to rely on organized tours and not venture alone.

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