2017 travel trends

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2017 Travel Trends, one of the most impactful brands in the tourism sector, has put together, and analyzed, an impressive series of data. Through a cross-analysis of travelers' recommendations and recommendations, reviews, market preferences, technological innovations, here is 8 2017 Travel Trends; that is, what tourists and business travelers expect for the 2017.

And the results were quite unequivocal.

1) TECHNOLOGY. Travel and technology represent the unbreakable binomial for the 2017. A few simple steps to make your reservations, and more and more use of mobile devices. Furthermore, tourists focus mainly on practicality. The possibility of skipping the queue at the attractions of a city is a non-negligible element. Ticketbar and similar companies, become a very valid solution. And, not to be neglected, even the travel APP, more and more faithful companions during their holidays.

2) BLEISURE. Journeys that combine work (Business) with leisure (Leisure), it is expected that the 2017 reaches its peak. Business trips are no longer seen as a waste of time. Today, the business traveler tries to extend his period of stay by a few days, to enjoy the destination also from the tourist point of view.

3) SHINE OF DISCOVERY. For 2017, travelers want to travel to destinations and destinations that I visit first from friends and contacts. Furthermore, one part would like to plan more adventurous journeys. Imagine, for example, the thrill of a trip to Malaga with excursus at El Caminito del Rey; that is, an adventure overhanging the sea!

4) MIND / BODY / SPIRIT. In such a hectic world, the journey is seen as a sort of search for one's balance. Here, then, that among the 2017 Travel Trends, destinations such as India, China and Thailand dominate the spotlight. But that is not all. For 2017, there is a growth in the offer, and in reservations, of facilities with centers for meditation, spa and more.

5) ECOLOGY. Travelers are more and more attentive to the environment and to sustainability. And this also translates into greater respect for local cultures and traditions.

6) EXPERIENCE. Travelers, for the 2017, want to leave to rediscover the pleasure of small things. Therefore, prioritize experiences rather than material goods.

7) HUMAN ASPECT. There is an increase in tourists who would never book a structure with more than three negative reviews. This is because most people consider the most important human relationships of the accommodation. Staying in a structure with a friendly and helpful staff becomes a priority.

8) TRAVEL TO THE UNKNOWN. Even if, at the moment, not feasible, the desire and the fascination towards the unknown and the unexplored goals like space increases. Technological innovations and changes in the tourism industry, however, could lead to incredible changes already in the 2017. This is what travelers wish.

So, the 8 Trend travels 2017, represent a good way for the next tourist season, and you, to which of the 8 points, do you feel more interested?

2017 Travel Trends

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