Top Destinations in Europe 2016

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Master Alfred Hitchcock claimed that in Zadar one could admire the most beautiful sunset in the world. It will be for this its suggestive charm, for the beauty of its centuries-old history, of which the scars of the bombardments remain, for its welcoming environment or for the presence of its unique "sea organ" .... The fact is that, to succeed in Bordeaux, queen of 2015, is the Croatian Zadar, a city in Northern Dalmatia that won the scepter of Top Destinations in Europe 2016.

A select jury of about 300000 sector users (tourism offices and community managers) were asked to express their preference on European Best Destinations to elect the best destinations for a vacation or city-trip in the 2016.

The final result has rewarded Zadar, who won the coveted award, ahead of the splendid Athens and the Bulgarian Plovdiv. In the first ten, there is room for Brussels, today, unfortunately, in evidence for the terrorist tragedy that devastated it! Only France, with Nantes and Paris and (listen, listen!), Italy, with Milan and Rome, place two cities in the first 15 positions. Here is the TOP TEN:

10. MILAN - Italy

Milan Italy

09. KOTOR - Montenegro

KOTOR Montenegro

08 BRUSSELS - Belgium

Brussels Belgium
Brussels is a city capable of surprising with the majesty of the palaces of the Grand-Place, but, at the same time, also with the sinuosity of Victor Horta's Art Nouveau buildings, Henry Van de Velde and Paul Hankar.
What makes this place special? Brussels is the smell of hot chocolate Waffle on the street, the bubbles of its famous abbey beer, the restaurants in the "alleys" of the center enjoying excellent seafood; a cosmopolitan civilization ... this, and not only, make Brussels a special, precious, authentic place. READ THE BRUSSELS GUIDE.

07. NOVI SAD - Serbia


06 PARIS - France

Paris France
More than for its history and its ancient monuments, Paris is a modern city able to charm, surprise and fascinate its visitors. Paris is the city par excellence: with its marvelous and immense boulevards; its museums and timeless masterpieces; its wonderful parks; Paris of the Sacred Heart and Montmartre, city of artists and writers. Paris, the city of lovers, which in the evening is transformed in the light of its Tower that illuminates the city. Paris that never gets old. Difficult that those who have not yet been there, at least once did not want to go to Paris. READ THE GUIDE OF PARIS.

05. AZORES - Portugal

Azores Portugal

04. NANTES - France

Nantes France

03. PLOVDIV - Bulgaria

Plovdiv Bulgaria

02 ATHENS - Greece

Athens Greece
A cosmopolitan metropolis, as well as an economic, industrial and financial center of Greece, Athens seems to cling to the past with its fingernails, of which it preserves wonderful traces and testimonies; a past that not even the most inconsiderate, and insane intervention of modernization and massive consolidation, can in no way cancel. READ THE ATHENS GUIDE.

01 ZADAR - Croatia

Zadar Croatia
The Capital of Fun of the Adriatic, as defined by the "Times", is a city that will conquer you from the first glance, a splendid union between past and present. The city boasts a historical and cultural heritage of the first order: everywhere there are, and well impressed, the testimonies of the past, and, despite the devastations suffered, the city has always been able to recover. READ THE ZADAR GUIDE.

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