Magic Halloween 2017

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Magic Halloween offers 2017 Amusement parks


Magic Halloween 2017

The 31 October is approaching. Ready to spend a magical Halloween between fear and fun in the best theme parks around the world?

Have fun and get wild among monsters, skeletons and the mythical pumpkins. There will be really unique and incredible shows and shows full of thrills. Ready to disguise yourself with your children? From October, fantastic weekends await you in the best theme parks in the world to celebrate the Magic Halloween 2017.

Extraordinary shows and terrifying characters await you Universal Studios of Hollywood with the Halloween Horror Nights. American Horror Story FX, Insidious, the legendary killer doll Chucky, the Shining show by master Stanley Kubrick. This is just a glimpse of the rich billboard scheduled until November 04. If you are in the area or just want to spend an unusual holiday, you can not miss this great opportunity. As long as you are there, what would you say to do a good jump to West Hollywood for the incredible WeHo Halloween Carnival? We are sure you will not regret it.

Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, it is considered the best theme park in Europe. Until November 05, a chilling scenario will be played. You will walk among pumpkins, trees with cobwebs, zombies, vampires and elves. You will be able to attend incredible shows. The Gruser-Parade, is the parade of monsters and sinister characters. Traumatic represents the highlight. Thrill assured.

The Italian Gardaland, one of the most beautiful and organized parks of the Peninsula, organizes shows on the theme of Halloween, every weekend from 07 October to November 01. Between skeletons and vampires monsters, you will spend a Magic Halloween 2017. Special appointment for the 31 October with the funniest party of the year.

Billboard very rich in the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful and evocative theme parks in the world. From the 13 October, to the November 05, the weekends will all be under the banner of the Magic Halloween 2017. Do not miss the spectacular themed lighting.

Of course, those just mentioned are not some of the most interesting parks in the world. Wherever you go and any park you choose, we are sure you will have a fantastic Magic Halloween 2017.

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