Best 2016 Islands

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Like every year, Tripadvisor, a popular site for reviews of restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations, has put together the reviews of all its users, based on quality and quantity: here are the 2016 Travelers' Choice Islands, that is, the Best 2016 Islands in the world.
This year, the highest step is up to the wonderful island of Maui, in Hawaii, which, compared to the 2015, climbs a step, undermining the equally beautiful island of Providenciales (this year only fourth).
The 2016 ranking marks some important confirmations, such as Santorini and Bali, but also some important failures: Roatan, in the Caribbean Sea, third in the 2015, this year out of the top ten positions. Two European islands present in the Top Ten: in addition to Santorini there is the splendid Maiorca.
Here is the Top Ten of the Best 2016 Islands:

10. Fernando de Noronha - Brazil

Best Islands 2016
The diving paradise, with its wonderful warm waters inhabited by dolphins, sea turtles and an incredible and exuberant aquatic fauna including swimming. Absolutely incredible. From the 2001, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO!

09. Bora Bora - Society Island

08. Pukhet - Thailand

07. Mauritius - Africa

06. Mallorca - Spain

White beaches and crystal clear sea, are the main reasons for which you choose Maiorca as a destination for one's holidays. But the island, and its capital Palma, can offer a lot more, with a variety of attractions and beauty that is second to none. Prepare yourself, therefore, starting to discover the wonder of the Balearics.

05. Bali - Indonesia

04. Providenciales - Turks and Caicos

03. Jamaica

02. Santorini - Greece

An island that needs no introduction, well present in the collective imagination, with its postcard views and white houses clinging to steep cliffs overlooking the sea. Santorini it is the jewel of the Cyclades: beautiful beaches, nightlife, charming villages, and sunsets to fall in love with.

01. Maui - Hawaii

Heaven ... lives here! The second largest island in Hawaii, is a true landscape jewel that combines almost perfectly geological, climate and an irregular topography: two volcanoes, waterfalls, white sand beaches, red and even black. An island that can satisfy all needs, a paradise for surfers, those who practice snorkeling and those who like to stay in the sun enjoying the sea and absolutely fantastic beaches.

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