November Festival

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Guide to the best events and November 2018 Festival

Christmas what a passion. Already this month, Europe is the great protagonist of the 2018 events and November Festival.
Between Big Capitals and small villages, you will be spoiled for choice to attend the highly anticipated Christmas markets.

For many, this is the ideal time to avoid the crush and chaos of December.

In Budapest, we start already from the November 10. Do not miss the Vorosmarty market. You can go shopping and savor the many local delicacies. In Városháza, on the other hand, you will find the atmosphere and the ideal shows for families.

Bruges, is a truly enchanting city. Try to jump in the last week of November. The meeting becomes magic. TO Grote Markt you can take home many souvenirs and try traditional sweets. To warm you up, nothing better than a glass of Vin Brûlé. Among the November festivals not to be missed, there is Edinburgh Foodies XMAS. Three days of entertainment, music, gastronomy and ... markets. Last event of the Foodies festival, a British traveling event.

Naturally, November is not just markets. Quite the contrary. We need to get away, not a little, to attend one of the best 2018 November Festivals. In the marvelous setting of Sukhothai Historical Park, in Thailand, the Loi Krathong. A truly unique and incredible ceremony in which tradition, spirituality and emotion merge into one.
Our advice? Book the first plane: you will discover an extraordinary and wonderful land like Thailand. You will not regret it.

Best 2017 November festivals

Among the best November 2018 Festival, it can not go unnoticed London Jazz Festival. You can approach one of the most incredible and evocative genres and, above all, discover a culture of incredible charm and ancient traditions. Appointment from the November 10 for 10 days of celebration.

In Lewes, a British town not far from London, 05 is celebrated on the day Night of the Bonfires. It is one of the most incredible November festivals you can attend. You will see locals parading in extravagant medieval dresses. Fires, songs and dances until late in the evening. You will admire flaming crosses. And of course, fireworks and bonfires. Dulcis in fundo ... the puppet fire!

The first week of the month, Reykjavik hosts the renowned Iceland Airwaves Festival. David Fricke, from Rolling Stone, has called it one of the coolest and most fashionable annual events in the entire music scene. Seeing is believing.
Remaining on the theme of music, there is no lack of events and festivals worthy of note throughout Europe. An interesting November Festival takes place in Paris; it is about the Pitchfork Music Paris. If you are on holiday in the Ville Lumiére, you could take a trip to the "La Villette" area. In the same period, the beautiful Dutch city of The Hague, houses Crossing Border Festival, one of the most important European events that combines music and international literature. For a whole week, from morning to night, you can see over 100 artists coming from all over the world. Among the November festivals not to be missed.

Not just a simple festival but a real form of sound experimentation.
In November, for 4 days, Utrecht will be invaded by Le Guess Who, festival reached the 12a edition. Besides 150 shows on the billboard, with the great protagonist music. It ranges from jazz, folk, ambient, drone, avant-garde, to modern compositions, up to the contemporary pop and rock sounds. And many related events: film, visual art, photography.

In the overview of the November events and festivals, the Big Apple could not miss. This, in fact, is the month in which the Thanksgiving Day. The 22 November appointment at Fifth Avenue for the extraordinary Macy's Parade in New York. Of course, in all the United States, there will be no celebrations and performances dedicated to Thanksgiving. To those who, instead, were looking for something really unusual, we recommend a trip to Italy. Rocca Canterano, near Rome, hosts the Feast of the Horned, an incredible goliardic kermesse, one of a kind. The protagonists are the horned, who will parade through the streets, wearing a habit, and on his head, two meters tall horns. And what a party it would be without the main guest? In front of the procession of the Cuckold Festival, you will see the horned cat of the year!

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