Best destinations quality price

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Best destinations quality price


Leaving behind the bad days, the cold and the rain, many are preparing to organize their holidays. Even for a few days., the search engine hotel among the most important in the world, offers a valuable tool to all those who are looking for quality solutions at an affordable price. Through a special crossed algorithm, the Best Value City Index. Thanks to it, the ranking of the Best destinations quality price 2017.

Il Best Value City Index combines the trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) with the trivago Reputation Ranking for hotels (tRI). The first (tHPI), represents the average price for a double room per night on trivago. The second one, instead, represents the reviews. Combining the whole, the tBVI was obtained.

In this special ranking, only the cities with at least 50 hotels, availability for the whole year and a minimum of 150 reviews for hotels were taken into consideration.

The best quality price destinations, therefore, are distinguished by the quality and convenience of their accommodation facilities. To take the lion's share, in this special list, they are above all the city of Eastern Europe. In the Top Ten, in fact, there are Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary.

Veliko Tarnovo quality price

Veliko Tarnovo

The best city is Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The beautiful Bosnian city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, wins by its excellent quality of accommodation and the average annual price per double room per night, of 43 €. Second placement for Serbian Novi Sad preceding a breath Veliko Tarnovo, former capital of Bulgaria. Hungary with Eger and Pécs, and Romania with Oradea and Sibiu, are the only countries to boast the presence of two cities in the Top 10. Here is the list of the first 20 positions of the best 2017 price quality destinations:

  1. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Novi Sad, Serbia
  3. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
  4. Suzdal, Russia
  5. Lviv, Ukraine
  6. Eger, Hungary
  7. Oradea, Romania
  8. Pécs, Hungary
  9. Safranbolu, Turkey
  10. Sibiu, Romania
  11. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  12. Odessa, Ukraine
  13. Kaliningrad, Russia
  14. Tbilisi, Georgia
  15. Brasov, Romania
  16. Trapani, Italy
  17. Göreme, Turkey
  18. Kazan, Russia
  19. Batumi, Georgia
  20. Skopje, Macedonia


Through the official page of Trivago, the complete ranking of the 100 Top.

So you have chosen your next destination among the ...

Best destinations quality price 2017

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