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Markets that passion

Markets that passion.
It is appropriate to say it.

Often when I am traveling to a new destination, I like to go looking for some market.
I'm not talking about the traditional Christmas markets, of which, however, I'm not a great fan.

I'm talking about those absolutely fantastic places, full of people, crowds and lots of confusion. Those places where sellers scream, trying to get our attention. Where you find available, on rows of stalls, many products; from fruit, to vegetables, through meats, meats, cheeses. Fish and crustaceans are sometimes not lacking ...
An invitation to taste, which is impossible to refuse.

A riot of colors, aromas and flavors.

I love the markets because, often, in them, we find the soul and the essence of the city. Whether it is the small local markets or the well-known city markets. Naples, Barcelona, ​​Split, Valencia ... A really impressive list. Sometimes suggestive places that recall ancient traditions and a history that is handed down from generation to generation. Here, then, the reason that led us to inaugurate a new section, all dedicated to the most important markets in the world.

Of each, many practical and useful information, with opening hours and ways to reach the area. Without neglecting any small advice on the products to be purchased.

Permanent. Indoors. Outdoors. All places not to be missed during a holiday. Sometimes, housed in beautiful historic buildings that alone are worth the visit. Without forgetting, of course, flea markets. The right opportunity to find a new home, and a new owner, to an object no longer liked; or no longer used.

It starts with the splendid Mercat Central de Valencia, the last one, in chronological order, to be visited by my friend Andy. An absolutely wonderful place.

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