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MAAT Lisbon

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From 05 October 2016, in beautiful Lisbon, MAAT, an extraordinary cultural center in the capital, has opened its doors to visitors. The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology was born with the intent of host national and international exhibitions, with the contribution of contemporary artists. A space dedicated to debate and interdisciplinary dialogue.

The building stands on the splendid riverfront of the historical district of Belém. In this respect, it represents an excellent attempt to redevelop and revitalize the entire area. The predominant theme will be contemporary culture, with a special combination of visual arts, new media, architecture, technology, science and contemporary art.

The structure of the MAAT is a work in which art, architecture and technology merge. In the immediate vicinity, you can admire the Tejo Power Station. It is a former power plant of the early twentieth century; a new futuristic contemporary art gallery, designed by architect Amanda Levete on more than 7 thousand square meters.

Do not miss the roof of the building, incredibly spectacular, with wavy lines that recall the surface of the Tejo river.

All the materials used are rigorously made in Portugal; in fact, the cladding was designed in calçada, the traditional ceramic of the Portuguese floors. The interior spaces, are designed to be modified in the future, based on continuous changes or updates.

MAAT Lisbon - The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Photo, 2017 Maria Eklind



The MAAT Lisbon can be easily reached by public transport. By bus, you can use the 15E, 201, 714, 727, 728, 751 lines, which stop in the immediate vicinity. Alternatively, you can take the convenient TRAM 15. The Belém train station is also located near the hotel; just use the Linea de Cascais.


The MAAT Lisbon is open every day, except Tuesday, from the 11: 00 to the 19: 00.
Closed every Tuesday, the 1 January, the 1 May and December 25.

The standard ticket, to access all areas of the building, costs 9.00 €. With this ticket you can also access the CENTRAL area of ​​the museum, and see the temporary exhibitions. The ticket for the individual areas, instead, costs 5.00 €.

Reduced fee of 50% for students over the age of 18, provided they have a valid document certifying their status, over 65, and groups of at least 10 people. Free for children under the age of 18


On the official website, from this link, all the info and updates.

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