Je Suis Paris

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Je Suis Paris


A month. So much has passed since the day of the November massacre.
A month when everything and nothing seems to have changed. Je Suis Paris.
How many times have we heard or seen this slogan. How many individuals took charge of this simple sentence. A few words, for so many charges of meaning.
What it means to me: everything and nothing. I am Paris. I love Paris, but it is not a simple phrase with effect or slogan that can change my thoughts or my beliefs. The world goes on. At least for those who have not been physically touched by this massacre. Instead, the thought goes to the victims. Many young people, who unfortunately have been torn from life in an ignoble way.

J'aime Paris, j'aime la vie. I love life. We should all love it, and appreciate the beauty around it. There is too much violence. This is the point: everyone is shocked by an event in itself dramatic, but few realize that much worse episodes are perpetrated by now every day. It does not matter in the name of who or what they are made: what matters is the gesture.

I abhor violence: the ignoble one, consumed inside the Bataclan; the equally ignoble one perpetrated against the children; violence against women in the name of a sick love; the violence committed a few years ago in Utoya by a madman; the violence that pushes American teenagers to fire on teachers and classmates; verbal violence, implemented too many times on social networks, or against different populations. The list I believe is infinite.

I do not need slogans or beautiful packaged phrases. Likewise, I will not do a film or write a book about the Paris massacre; I will not walk through Paris with a piano in tow, playing a tearful song for my personal glory. No. I continue to live as I have always done.
Not because there is someone to tell me, but simply because it is what I believe is right. I will continue to get excited, have fun and do what I like most (you recommend, travel a lot).
In the face of those who wallow in violence and hatred. Je Suis ... ..

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