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That you are directed to Toronto, or you want to admire the beautiful Niagara Falls (Canadian side), or get lost in the incredible Canadians forests among the legendary maple trees, leaving you enchanted by the famous Foliage, keep in mind that new regulations have been introduced regarding Visa Canada Entry.

In fact, since the 15 March 2016, the Canadian Authorities have introduced a procedure called for security reasons eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

This is a new entry requirement required for visa-free foreign citizens traveling to Canada by air, and introduced for security reasons.
The authorization is electronically linked to the passport and is valid for a period of five years or until the passport expires.

In summary, starting from 15 March 2016, whoever has to go to Canada, or even simply transit, will have to request an electronic authorization through the model age; the requests, in theory, can also be received a day before leaving, as it is a telematic procedure, but it is preferable to proceed with a little advance: we suggest to fill out the application once the trip has been booked. It should also be remembered that it is not necessary to print the application because, once completed, it remains in the systems and is connected to the passport.

The request then you have to fill it out online at the official site:

All you need is a passport that you need to register, an email address and a credit card or prepaid for $ 7 CAD fees.

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